Hart of Dixie “Red Dye #40” Review (Season 4 Episode 4)

Hart Of Dixie Red Dye 40 Season 4 Episode 4 03

After an uncharacteristically strong episode last week, this week’s Hart of Dixie gave us a structurally sound, and pretty ambitious hour that was sadly devoid of a lot of the heart that we’ve become accustomed to.

Which was to be expected, with no huge obstacles for Zoe and Wade – the only thing the majority of the show’s audience care about any more – to overcome after their reunion in the previous episode. For them, this was about Zoe coming to terms with the fact that her life is more complicated now, and living in a town like Bluebell is only going to exacerbate that even more.

Just to remind her what a headache Bluebell can be at times, the mystery of who poisoned Shelby ahead of the talent show formed the basis for the rest of the episode. There was really nothing else to it other than one final moment where Lemon and Lavon briefly address their chances of a relationship, and I guess that’s fine every once in a while.

But then there’s also the Tansy of it all, suspiciously reappearing just one week after George realised his feelings for Lemon weren’t what he thought. It’s not as if Tansy had any other reason to be in town than to remind the audience that she exists, and I wonder whether this was the show’s not-so-subtle way of setting up a happy endgame romance for the other corner of that initial triangle.

I adore Tansy, as much more her friendship with Wade as for her relationship with George, so if that’s the case, then it’s a-okay with me.

But I still don’t know where they’re going with Lemon. With the happy absence of Zoe and Wade strife, I guess we needed one relationship to fill the drama chasm, and this is how the writers are providing it. The problem is that Annabeth is a fan-favourite, and all-around ball of sunshine, and seeing her get her heart broken would not be a satisfying conclusion. It’s a tightrope of emotions, this one, and I do hope the writers are being careful.

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