Grimm “Death Do Us Part” Review (Season 4 Episode 11)

Grimm - Season 4

Grimm gave us one of its scariest episodes this season with “Death Do Us Part.” This week’s villain was thought to be a ghost haunting an abandoned house where a group of ghost chasers were staking out the spooky place waiting for the supernatural. After their friend becomes the next toasty victim, Nick, Hank and Wu begin working the case. It is discovered that the ghost is actually a wesen who is filled with enough electricity he makes the lights power on in the run down house. A place he used to call home with his wife before she cheated on him with his friend. The incident has left him distraught, delusional and scarier than your typical wesen. Meanwhile, Juliette spends alot of time alone working on her own case.

She still hasn’t told Nick about her wesen dilemma and he hasn’t picked up on it either. Let’s hope it comes at an explosive moment because the Grimm writer’s room has made this story line mysterious but not much else. With Rosalee and Monroe on their honeymoon, Juliette is left to her own devices and Nick’s trailer. We never do find out if she learns anything new about her predicament because Nick, Hank and Wu show up. Nick does notice that she was reading up on hexes. In the end, we see her arrive at a women’s house, by the name of Henrietta, who she is referred to by the captain.

The captain is also suffering from some mysterious issues. Before the close of the episode we see him suffering wounds on his chest that were inflicted prior. Blood oozes out as he stares in the mirror in disbelief. The scene was great and somewhat scary. The captain always seems tough and is able to handle his own. For the first time in a while we see him looking nervous.

What did you think of the episode ‘Grimm’ fans? Are you ready for Rosalee and Monroe to come back? Are you happy with Juliette’s story line so far? What do you think about Nick not noticing his own wife is a wesen?