How To Get Away With Murder “Hello, Raskolnikov” Review (Season 1 Episode 10)


“They don’t know that we know they know we know.”

That may be a Phoebe Buffay quote from Friends, but it pretty accurately describes the events on How to Get Away with Murder at the moment. On the upside, at least Connor, Michaela, Laurel, and Frank (I think) are in on Annalise being privy to Sam’s murder. This still doesn’t excuse the fact that Annalise’s plan MAKES ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE AT ALL. Why would she tell Wes to remove Sam’s body and burn it? Everything those students did was in self-defense, and Annalise, being the brilliant lawyer she is, could prove as such. Rebecca would probably be charged with breaking and entering, but that’s it. Wes, Connor, and Laurel entered the house to come to her aid. Michaela could testify to that. And they could all testify to the fact that Sam tried to choke Rebecca in his anger over the Lila situation. Heck, lab testing could probably prove this (Rebecca having Sam’s DNA on her neck and him having Rebecca’s DNA on his fingers). None of these decisions seem to jive with the ingenuity Annalise has shown in court time and time again. It makes the story feel implausible in a way that is not rectifiable. I will continue to watch due to the acting, dialogue, and sheer interest in who murdered Lila, but this whole oversight makes the show not enter that top-tier level of greatness.

Where Everyone Stands

– Annalise, Wes, Connor, Laurel, Michaela, and Frank know about Sam’s murder and the disposal of the body. Rebecca does not know that Annalise and Frank know. Bonnie and Asher don’t know anything. Nate is in the dark too, but I have a feeling that won’t last much longer. See, the Friends quote really does fit this situation perfectly.

– I understand Annalise’s confidence in proving Sam as Lila’s murderer, especially due to the abortion clinic footage and him being the father of her child, but does that help prove he ran away too? If I were one of the detectives, it would make just as much sense that Annalise could be lying about the timeline of her knowledge and murdered her husband in anger. Remember, the spouse is always the first suspect in these types of cases.

– Marcia Gay Harden as Sam’s sister did not surprise me at all. All the comments I read suspected she was his first wife. Since everyone seemed to think that, I figured it probably wasn’t the case. And if her being there puts doubt in the assumption of Sam murdering Lila, then what I just mentioned above may occur (with the students being listed as accomplices since Wes’ SUV was at the Keating house).

– Did Sam ever look at Laurel in a sexual way or was that just a lie to add weight to “Sam as the murderer?” I honestly can’t remember her interactions with him.

– Connor and Michaela are going to lose it soon, and I can’t wait for that fallout. Both of them are having some crazy Gollum/Smeagol moments right now.

– So, if Sam did not murder Lila, then who did? When the show began I thought Bonnie, but all her recent actions seem to run antithesis to that now. She never tried to derail Annalise’s earlier investigation in proving Rebecca’s innocence and also seemed truly disgusted at Sam’s actions right before his murder. I hope it’s not her.

Best Quotes

“The guilt eats away at him until he goes cray.” Connor, if being a lawyer doesn’t work out for you, I suggest writing witty one-line synopses of classic books.

“It’s like the Stanley Cup of law school.” And Asher for the win.

“Your husband didn’t kill Miss Stangard.” This I actually believe.