Chasing Life “Guess Who’s Coming to Donate” Review (Season 2, Episode 13)


Working through the rough patches every relationship endures was at the center of this week’s episode of Chasing Life, as well as the BIG question – will Natalie donate after all? We also get more Leo screen time and some family drama!

It looks like Natalie was just looking to bond with Brenna. While she is clearly a spoiled brat, she can’t be all that bad after we watch her retaliate against a guy who invades Brenna’s space and she also listens to Brenna vent about life, trying to make her feel better and see the bright side of things. As for the mother, she was more likeable at first than Natalie, but after she insults Sara in her house it was clear she had to go. I was expecting more of a verbal sparring match between all of the ladies, but Sara, April and Brenna took the high road.

In the meantime, April was also dealing with a defiant Leo in this episode. It’s hard to like him in this episode however, since he keeps pushing her away and in the meanest ways possible by telling her he doesn’t even want to be friends. He may have been in a coma for the last 4 months but what about their relationship prior? Sure, he’s probably hiding his true feelings but it makes it hard to like him. I was all Team Leo in the beginning, but I felt more sympathetic towards Dominic in this episode. Does he truly miss April and drowning himself in a slew of woman is his way to deal? He also puts Beth in an uncomfortable spot when he tries to get her to say it was her bra his new lady love discovered in his room.

In the end, the episode wrapped up quite nicely as we see Natalie determined to be a good match and stays behind in Boston. Of course we know that this means additional drama ahead! What do you think? Leave your comments below.