Revenge “Kindred” Review (Season 4 Episode 14)

Revenge Season 4 Episode 10 Atonement (3)

I almost wanted to call this episode the calm before the storm, but the problem is that any theoretical storm is barely visible on the horizon. Usually, Revenge is great at keeping some sort of major threat in play, but “Kindred” saw an unprecedented level of peace and tranquility in the Hamptons. It played out more like an epilogue, with numerous plot threads tied up and everyone given the chance to find peace and happiness in their lives. It’s not exactly the sort of episode you usually air before a month-long hiatus, at least.

I suppose at this point, the question being put to fans is if they’re still willing to invest in the show now that the original premise is all but eradicated. It’s a matter of determining how much the characters and their relationships have grown on you, and if that’s enough to keep you going without the central revenge plot. And that’s not to say revenge won’t still return or play a major role, such as with Margaux’s desire to ruin Emily, but the show is facing some major changes if it wants to stay intriguing to fans.

All that aside, this episode did have some nice moments. For one, seeing Emily fully accept that her Amanda identity is gone was strangely heartwarming, especially once David showed he didn’t care as long as she was happy. Because in truth, she has built a great life full of friends and family as Emily, and seeing her take comfort in it is a welcome change from her desire to leave it all behind and run away with Aiden. Similarly, it’s great to see Nolan happy, even if the whole Louise storyline was still a huge, convoluted mess. But hey, it’s a convoluted mess that’s over now.

Meanwhile, even Victoria was returning to her old self, remembering how much she enjoyed dominating the other Hampton socialites with all the secrets she holds over them. It’s a bit of a shame that her experiences haven’t seen her experience any real growth as a person, but at least she’s no longer doing everything in her power to destroy Emily. Of course, who knows how long that will actually last.

And though I mentioned it earlier, even Margaux is having second thoughts about her revenge scheme now that Jack has been dragged in to things. However, it’s easy to imagine her redoubling her efforts if Emily and Jack end up together as previews for the next episode show, but no need to get too far ahead of ourselves yet.

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