The Originals Season 2 Review “Brotherhood of the Damned”

The Originals Brotherhood of the Damned Season 2 Episode 11 01

On the latest episode of “The Originals,” the brothers Mikaelson might have seemed like the “Brotherhood of the Damned,” but there might be hope for them yet. Okay, some of them at least. But not necessarily the ones you might think. Indeed, with this episode, we finally got what many of us that have been watching the antics of this family over the years on this show and “The Vampire Diaries” never thought we might see in this lifetime: a contrite and forgiving Klaus.

Yep, it’s true. After Finn performed some witchy mojo that caused all of the brothers to be locked inside some magical hunting lodge (!) with pointed avatars hung on the wall for each- a fierce wolf for Klaus, a noble stag for Elijah, a wily fox for Kol and a bore boar for Finn himself (boy, he walked right into that one, didn’t he?)- he then proceeded to peck away at his brothers, looking for that tell-tale weakness that would finally help him bring them down.

As the day went on, Finn went through the laundry list of his brothers’ issues, but it was Klaus that plagued him. After all, his mother thought his weakness was never having known his father, and we all know how that turned out. Finn thought that maybe it was Rebekah or Elijah, but that proved to be wrong as well. Of course, we all know it’s his daughter, Hope, but Finn doesn’t- yet. But he came pretty close, that’s for sure.

Unfortunately for him, the one thing he had going for him: that Elijah lost it and admitted his biggest secret was killing his first love and how he feared Klaus would never forgive him, was instead met with an even more shocking revelation: Klaus’ forgiveness. Who could have seen that coming? As such, the illusion came crashing down and the brothers were set free, save Kol, who was let go in an earlier attempt to cause trouble with the hungry vamps he had been locked inside the Mikaelson compound with. So, Finn’s dastardly plan failed, but he came pretty close, and wasn’t about to give up that easy.

Meanwhile, as Hayley and Jackson prepared for their impending nuptials, they went to meet with the elder who would be overseeing the ceremony itself, his grandmother, Mary (Debra Mooney, “Scandal”). Hayley was getting along just fine until she discovered that part of the “trials” Jackson had mentioned involved taking some sort of truth-telling herb as part of a ritual of coming clean with one’s impending spouse. Though both had their share of nasty business in their past to deal with, there was one biggie that Hayley couldn’t in good faith get past: the revelation that her baby was indeed still among the living. (To say nothing of all the dirt she has on the Mikaelsons.)

The episode ended with Klaus finding out about it as well, so that can’t end well, even though Hayley had no intentions of going through with it in the first place, despite Jackson’s assurances. Except that, she kind of has to, in order to seal the werewolf deal with her people. Otherwise, they’re all going to defect back to Finn’s side with the witches. Not sure how they’re going to resolve this one, save maybe Klaus compelling those concerned to forget what they’ve heard, assuming she actually goes through with it in the first place. I honestly can’t think of an alternative beyond that.

Aside from that, there was another subplot involving Marcel, showing how he’d left New Orleans in the early 1900s to fight the good fight in the war with Germany, eventually leading up the titular “Brotherhood of the Damned,” aka the black regiment of soldiers. When all hope seemed lost, one of them realized what Marcel was and begged him to turn them all into vampires, so that they could win the battle, which he did in the end. Klaus also paid him a visit on the frontlines to offer up a snack of the human variety, but much as he was doing in the present, he managed to turn it down despite being half-starving.

This sort of leadership proved as vital in the present as it did in the past, as he somehow managed to talk down a house full of hungry vamps into not only not killing the oh-so-killable Kol, but a host of people walking the streets in a parade right outside their doorstep when Finn’s spell wore off and they were all released. Thankfully, they did manage to resist temptation and avoid setting off a potential war with the humans, even when Marcel, who’d been bitten by a werewolf, passed out en route back to his place. Nice going, and this episode went a long way towards getting me back on Team Marcel, who had been a bit on my nerves more often than not earlier this season. (No pun intended.)

All in all, a solid enough episode. While nothing major technically happened, in a way, it was the biggest shocker of an episode of them all, because who among us longtime fans thought we’d ever see the day that Klaus behaved himself and backed down in the face of adversity? Definitely a major step in the character’s development, and a sure sign that there may be hope for Klaus yet. Now if he can only get past his hatred for his other brothers.

Granted, Finn is probably not going to happen in this lifetime, but Kol is still a distinct possibility, despite the whole Rebekah thing. I mean, hell, it’s nothing Klaus himself hasn’t done, really. He also put her down and out of the way for literally years, too, remember? Still, baby steps. At least he got past Elijah’s big confession. That should count for something.

What did you think of the latest episode of “The Originals”? Were you also shocked that Klaus kept it together? Do you think he’ll be able to forgive Kol eventually, too? What will Finn get up to next? Will Hayley blow the lid off of the fact that her daughter is actually alive? What lengths will Klaus go to stop her? Or will Hayley call the wedding off altogether and suffer the consequences? Sound off down below, and see you next time!