Eye Candy Season 1 Review “HBTU”

Eye Candy MTV 6

Since when does a civilian go into any location of a suspected serial killer (who turns out not to be a suspect but actually a victim) with a police detective? Obviously in the world of MTV’s new thriller Eye Candy, Lindy Sampson (series lead Victoria Justice) can and will enter a possible crime scene: the apartment of Reese (recurring guest star Nils Lawton), the guy that Lindy met through the online dating service Flirtual.

What she and Detective Tommy Callaghan (series regular Casey Deidrick) find in that apartment is nothing short of disturbing. There is static playing on the TV, two well-dressed dummies sitting on the couch and a mouthful of teeth individually hanging by wire from the ceiling. Can anyone say gross?!

It turns out that the teeth belong to missing girl Julia Becker (guest star Erica Sweany), whose mother has been in communication with Lindy via her missing persons website. To say that it was difficult to watch Lindy and Tommy tell Julia’s mother that her daughter was murdered was painful is an understatement.

To make matters worse, Lindy receives a “surprise” gift from the serial killer, a mangled collage picture based on the home page picture that Lindy has on her home computer. A picture of her and her sister Sarah, who has been missing for three years. Their faces are mixed with cut-out pictures of mutilated murder victims; victims that – thanks to Lindy and George (series regular Harvey Guillen) conducting a rogue B&E of Reese’s apartment –are ID not only as members of Flirtual but also victims of the same murderer who killed Lindy’s boyfriend Ben (guest star Daniel Lissing), but also took Reese after his first date with Lindy. That’s not creepy at all, right?!

So what does best friend Sophia (Kiersey Clemons) do? She decides to hold a surprise birthday party for Lindy, since Lindy is the one who said they need to live normal lives in spite of the serial killer she is hunting. It’s made obvious that Lindy doesn’t like surprises, but she plays along as best she can.

Unfortunately, and a little too predictably, Lindy – after having one too many drinks – falters at her party; and while both Tommy and Detective Yaeger (recurring guest star Marcus Callender) are distracted, the serial killer takes Lindy to some underground location where he has been holding Reese, slashing the poor guy’s neck (just like what he did to Ben), leaving a present behind for Lindy. Can we say gross again?!

What was in that present? A bracelet worn by Lindy’s missing sister Sarah, which was shown in the home page picture used in that creepy collage. A bracelet that Lindy gave to Sarah eight months before she disappeared; the same bracelet that Sarah lost. So who is this crazed killer? Obviously it is someone who knows Lindy and her sister must have known, but who? And why is he so fixated on Lindy? I say again, it’s just creepy.

Oh, and don’t even get me started on Connor (series regular John Garet Stoker). He may be Sophia’s best friend, but know I understand – all too clearly – why Lindy doesn’t like him. Remember those pictures he took of the crime scene photos at the Cyber Crimes Unit? He used those pictures and information he was able to glean out of his best friend to write an article for the online paper – where he works – exposing details about the ongoing serial killer case. It goes viral, pissing off Lindy and Tommy and even putting a wedge between him and Sophia. I really hope this article comes back to bite him in the ass!

What are your thoughts on ‘Eye Candy’? Do you despise Connor for what he did? Are you getting the feeling that Tommy is harboring feelings for Lindy? What about George; isn’t he just a great best friend? And, who the hell is this crazy murderer? Please share your thoughts below.

The next new episode of the debut season of ‘Eye Candy’ will air on MTV on Monday, February 2 at 10/9c.