Hart of Dixie Season 4 Review “The Very Good Bagel”

The Very Good Bagel

Now that’s how you do a good episode of Hart of Dixie!

I almost forgot what one looked like, with most recent episodes consisting of convincing, engaging scenes between Zoe and Wade, the occasional gem from Lemon and a whole load of other noise that just felt like needless filler.

But it looks as though that might be changing at the last second, because almost everything about this episode was entertaining, had a purpose, and was laced with emotional depth. That’s almost everything, of course, as I’m just going to ignore the first part of George and Lavon’s storyline.

The big plot for the episode, and the season, is Zoe’s pregnancy and Wade’s reaction to the news. Now, I get that she needed to push him away initially so that we could have some last minute drama between the two of them, but the way she shut him out at the beginning didn’t sit right to me.

You can kind of understand that, rather than actually not trusting Wade, she’s just more comfortable doing things independently, but she was treating him like a sperm donor for most of the hour.

Thank god, then, that Wade took some initiative and followed her to New York. He didn’t propose – he didn’t need to – but the two of them did get back together with the hopes of being a real, stable family unit when the baby comes. If you are or have ever been a Zade shipper, this was a big moment.

Going on at the same time was Cricket, AB and Lemon’s desperate grab for the good times of old, as the three of them took some time away at George’s family beach house. This was pretty charming, especially given that all three ladies are currently single. The show spends so much time and energy showing how they don’t get along, too, that it’s refreshing to see them act as a unit.

It all leads to two important things – AB’s declaration of love for Lavon, and George’s reverse of the same for Lemon. Now, the shipper in me is devastated by the second one, as I have been rooting for those two since season one, but the scenes themselves played out so beautifully that I can’t really complain.

As George tells it, he’s in love with the past, with what they had, and the reason he’s been so unhappy (aka intolerable) since their abandoned wedding was because he never truly let go of that. I don’t know if I buy it all the way, but it’s a romantic notion, so I’ll just let it be.

And so now we have an entirely different love triangle – Lemon, Lavon and AB. It’s not one I’m thrilled about, as Lavon is by far my least favourite presence on the show, and a huge part of me hopes that Lemon’s apparent gesture of friendship to AB will stick.

To have the series end with Lemon betraying her best friend like that would be terrible, and I fear that that’s the direction we’re heading in.

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