Grimm Season 4 Review “Tribunal”

Grimm - Season 4

It was a race against time in this week’s episode of Grimm as the gang all worked together to find Monroe before it was too late. Nick, Hank, The Captain and Wu made a kick ass team, uncovering the true identity of their fellow officer Jesse, and getting him to talk. At the same time Rosalee, Juliette and Bud teamed up to help on the case by using Rosalee’s wedding guest list to find clues as Monroe was shackled and bloody. His crime – marrying outside of his bloodline and befriending a grimm.

Wu and the premature woging

Wu received some special on the job training that involved Bud woging out. Watching Bud get emotional because he was premature made for some good laughs during a serious episode. Wu seemed to deal with it well and was great when Jesse woged on him in the interrogation room. Wu was quick to react with a punch to Jesse’s phase. I love that they brought Wu in on the big secret. He seems to be a good addition to the team so far.

The fantastic rescue of Monroe

Usually we see the ‘Grimm’ gang conduct themselves in a calm and cool manner, but that wasn’t a focus in this episode as they all let their inner beast out. We even saw the Captain show his other side in the interrogation room and out in the woods when he takes down the enemy. Hank’s reaction was great. Rosalee and Monroe teamed up to take down one of the cult members with a fierceness we don’t often see. It was a great reminder of their true identities and what they are capable of. Even Juliette was slinging a gun.

Juliette’s big secret

It wasn’t until the end of the episode that we were reminded of Juliette’s big secret when takes on the enemy. Watching her woge out was crazy and scary. It was also great timing on the writer’s room as they traded in one conflict (Monroe’s abduction) for another (Juliette’s new identity) organically. What will she do? And why hasn’t Nick picked up on all of this? This is sure to not only affect their relationship, but possibly make Nick question his Grimm abilities.