Justified Season 6 Review “Fate’s Right Hand”

Justified Season 6 Premiere 2015 Fates Right Hand 05

It’s the final season of Justified. Let’s all take a moment to mourn. It’s bittersweet to hear the theme song knowing that the show is ending. Judging by the first episode of the season, we’re in for an epic final ride.

We start with Raylan in Mexico trying to get more information on Boyd and getting shut down by the local cops. Of course, Raylan isn’t going to leave in defeat. That would be decidedly against his nature. Instead, we get the old t-bone car crash that is omnipresent in almost every show on television. Raylan grabs the officer and takes him out to the desert in the U.S. This is a big statement on the lengths that Raylan is going to go to in order to nail Boyd.

Boyd is busy on his own plans. He’s getting back in the bank robbing business. His first job involves breaking into security deposit boxes. He wears gloves, but he’s not exactly stealthily casing the place. There are tons of witnesses and Gutterson is tailing him. It’s typical Boyd arrogance that he thinks he can mill about in public committing crimes. Harlan is not a big town; it shouldn’t be that hard to identify the robbers by the crappy truck they’re driving. Also shouldn’t be that hard to figure out who accessed the boxes recently.

Raylan’s got some problems with the imminent release of Dewey Crowe. Dewey’s got a restraining order to keep Raylan at a distance, which is going to make it difficult to flip Dewey against Boyd. I love Dewey. The look on his face is great when he arrives home. He looks so happy and the place is such a dump. Raylan pushes the right button in threatening to have Dewey shipped down to Mexico. Also, a genius move to have Dewey’s home seized. Poor Dewey. He’s out of his depth—again. It is hilarious when Dewey thinks he is going to oral sex from the waitress. He should’ve taken the pancakes.

Raylan must’ve known that Dewey would go running to Boyd. I have a lot of faith in Raylan’s puppet master skills after the way things went down last season. But, he ultimately is duped when Boyd sends Dewey out with the bag of laundry. Though I tried hard this week to avoid spoilers, I knew there was a shocking death coming at the episode. We rarely get so much Gutterson face time, so I was afraid it was going to be him. But, no, it was time for Dewey to check out. Goodbye Dewey, and thanks for the laughs.

While Ava is enjoying her freedom, she seems less than thrilled to have Boyd around. It’s not a great sign that she pours Vodka into her coffee mug. It’s still hard to feel sorry for her, given the dark road she went down in prior seasons. Ava is making a big mistake hiding Boyd’s plans from Raylan. Judging from the season preview, Ava is going to be a pivotal player. I’m surprised and pleased how her character turned into someone more interesting and critical to the story. Two seasons back, I was advocating for Ava’s demise. I think we can count on the fact that Ava protects Ava. In the end, if that means turning on Boyd and Raylan, I don’t think she’ll hesitate.

Maybe Raylan understands that. The scene on the bridge between Raylan and Ava was extremely effective for the insight it gave us into Ava. Before this conversation, I thought Raylan didn’t understand Ava – that he didn’t know how dark she could go. But the opposite is true. Ava asks Raylan, “You knew me then, what do you know now?” Raylan reveals that he knows that she meticulously planned her husband’s murder and it was not some random act of self-defense. In other words, he knows she’s capable of lying, manipulating, and killing. As an aside, can we all just agree that Joelle Carter looks fabulous?

There are several moments of foreshadowing of the end of the series that aim to make the finale feel natural. This is an effective strategy because it also builds on the feeling that we’ve seen all the crime that Harlan has to offer and it’s time to move on. Boyd tells Ava that Harlan is dying. The mine is mostly shut down, the work is drying up, people are leaving, etc. He also tells Dewey, “It’s all coming to an end.”

There were some great one-liners, which is something I’ve come to expect from this show. Justified is one of the few shows that can make me laugh out loud. For example, I loved the shovel to the face and Raylan’s dry, “Halt U.S. Marshals.” I also loved the exchange between Raylan and Gutterson: Raylan: “Good things happen to those who wait for stupid.” Gutterson: “I believe that was in the Sermon on the Mount.”

Art’s anger with Raylan seems to have dissipated. Art’s warnings to Raylan about shooting Boyd also foreshadow things to come. He cautions that if Raylan shoots Boyd, he will essentially become Boyd – a criminal – or worse. I am nervous about Art’s final warning that Raylan could get shot instead of Boyd. If this series ends with Raylan going down, I’m going to be supremely unhappy. I want Raylan to end up in Florida, with his daughter and Winona.

If Boyd’s countenance as he stares at the sleeping Ava is an indication of the direction he’s heading down, everyone should be afraid. I’m not sure Ava is going to be able to fool him. This was a fantastic start to the final season.