Exclusive The 100 Season 2 Interview: Devon Bostick Takes Us Inside The Mt. Weather Storyline

The CW’s The 100 has earned its title as one of TV’s grittiest sci-fi shows thanks to the writers never ending willingness to shock the audience. Season two has taken the shock factor to whole new levels with the introduction of Mt. Weather, a gorgeous place on the outside that holds dark secrets within. Devon Bostick, who plays Jasper, a young man who has been through his share of trauma, is right at the center of the intense story.

Recently, TV Equals spoke with Bostick about Jasper’s adventures in Mt. Weather, the character’s budding new romance and how The 100 keeps upping its game week after week.

TV Equals: What are you enjoying the most about being a part of the Mt. Weather arc?

Devon Bostick: Mt. Weather is so interesting. The set itself is amazing, I feel like I’m in Harry Potter. The sets are so cultured and there is just art everywhere. I’m loving it. It is spectacular, but at the same time it is so horrifying. This new information about people being hung upside down and drained is just awful and terrifying. But the juxtaposition of what is happening on the other side of the wall is so cool. It just makes you wonder what else is in this place.

TV Equals: Jasper was challenging Clarke before she left Mt. Weather, will he be regretting being so trusting soon?

Devon Bostick: I think he is regretting it a little bit, but he has also been lied to a lot and he doesn’t know the truth of this place or what was going on with Clarke. I think he feels betrayed in some way and he wants to know where Clarke is: did she leave us? Did they do something to her? Is she alive? Those are some of the questions Monty and Jasper are trying to answer.

TV Equals: Jasper has had an amazing character arc so far. From your perspective, how has he changed since the show’s beginning?

Devon Bostick: It has been a really fun journey to play. When I first joined the show, he was just the happiest, funniest dude who was just happy to be down on Earth and joining the cool kids on this adventure to Mt. Weather. Once he found courage within himself for Octavia his whole world got shifted upside down.

Then playing the whole PTSD thing where I could get speared again and there are people in the trees everywhere to then coming out of that shell again. It’s been a giant journey from being on top of the world to being afraid of everything and then coming back out into the world again to try to be a leader and do these crazy things even though it might kill him again, just for the good of his people and then winning the war and being captured again. After everything he has been through, I wouldn’t blame him for thinking this place was amazing. There is this girl who is being so nice to him, there is cake everywhere and there’s art, there’s no people shooting arrows at me, I have a bed and the Kool Aid is great.

But he still has all of those experiences and emotions buried inside, and they might come out again.

TV Equals: Jasper and Maya are adorable, that’s doomed, right?

Devon Bostick: I wouldn’t say that. Who knows, you can never judge a book by its cover. She is a great girl and she has been really kind to Jasper and showing him all the nice things about Mt. Weather, but we are finding out her people have done some bad things, but mine have as well. So I don’t know what to believe about who is good or bad, or if there is a good and bad.

I’m going for Mayasper. They asked for it.

TV Equals: The 100 is full of shocking moments. Of all the twists that have happened so far, which one surprised you the most?

Devon Bostick: I can’t say which one surprised me the most, that one is still coming, but when Wallace was stabbed in the neck and Charlotte jumped off the cliff, that was pretty shocking for me. I just couldn’t believe they did that.

I just cannot believe some of the stuff the writers get away with on the show. It’s just pushing boundaries and making you jump out of your skin a little bit. Each episode there is always one thing for me where I’m like, oh my God, this is happening! There is always going to be some crazy stuff going down. A lot of crazy things are going to happen.

TV Equals: If you could Jasper one piece of advice what would it be and why?

Devon Bostick: Right now? Don’t believe anyone. Trust Monty, but I think they need to start figuring out what is really going on here. There is a lot of awful stuff going on in Mt. Weather and they need to get out.

The 100 returns with all new episodes Wednesday, January 21st at 9PM ET/PT on The CW.

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