‘Castle’ (Season 7): How Long Will This Last?

Richard Castle

As viewers of the long-running ABC series Castle know all too well, Richard Castle (series lead Nathan Fillion) was recently booted out of being a consultant with the NYPD where he has worked alongside his new wife Detective Kate Beckett (series lead Stana Katic) as well as Detectives Javier Esposito (series regular Jon Huertas) and Kevin Ryan (series regular Seamus Dever).

Since that time, Castle has gotten licensed as a private investigator, opening his own agency and landing – thanks to Kate – his first real case: finding a lost – albeit very expensive – purse for a big telenovela star.

But how long do fans of the show think that Castle can actually last as a PI? Since day one of his dismissal he has been doing everything he can to still join Kate, Javi and Ryan on their cases; and, as evidenced by his last couple of cases, what he ends up working on through his PI office is associated with their latest case.

Granted the overlap of cases are obviously deliberate by the writers to keep Castle associated with the NYPD; but at some point, Castle is going to get bored and the viewers are going to want to eventually see more. Don’t you think?

What do you think will have to happen in order to get Castle back into the good graces of the higher-ups in the New York Police Department? And more importantly, would there even be anything that could get Castle back as a consultant? The answers to those questions are hard to determine, but I know as a big fan of the show while I’ve enjoyed Castle’s banter – when he talks like a 1940’s PI – that will get old fast.

I also think that Kate just might get a little sick of Castle going out on his own as a private investigator potentially risking his life in a case that just might not overlap with anything they are working on (hey, you never know it could actually happen?!). After all Castle doesn’t carry a gun and while he is smart enough to not get into trouble, trouble just always seems to find him one way or another.

He could very well end up in big trouble at some point; and Kate, Javi and/or Ryan may not be around to help out. Worse yet, what if whatever caused him to go missing during their failed wedding comes back to haunt him. The truth behind that whole mystery has yet to rear its ugly head; and I would hazard a guess that it will come back in a big way before the end of the current season.

If you are a fan of ‘Castle’, what would you like to see transpire to get Castle back with the Detectives of the 12th Precinct? Please share your ideas below.

‘Castle’ will be back for the next new episode of its 7th season on Monday, February 2 at 10/9c.