Scorpion Season 1 Review “Forget Me Nots”

Scorpion Episode 15 Forget Me Nots02

On the second of two episodes of “Scorpion,” we actually got what would have been a better follow-up to a football game (the bonus episode aired after one last Sunday) in “Forget Me Nots.” Maybe whoever’s in charge of such things, ahem, fumbled the ball? Regardless, between all the talk of a football (albeit of the nuclear variety), the presence of manly-man and fan favorite David James Elliot (of “JAG” fame), and a memorable tackle by another fan favorite, Robert “T2” Patrick, this actually would have been a perfect fit for a post-game cool down. Oh well.

On the plus side, the episode of “Scorpion” that did air- you can find my take on it here– got the best ratings the show has achieved since its premiere, and that’s certainly good news. Will that extend to tonight’s episode? We shall see, but I still think tonight’s episode would have been a much better fit than Sunday night’s and I thought that episode was just fine and, if nothing, certainly played to the show’s inherent strengths. Thankfully, so did this one.

It all started with a hacker attack on a secret nuclear missile silo in Iceland owned and operated by the US. The hacker very nearly was able to successfully launch one of the missiles at Russia, but was thwarted at the last moment. However, the attempt was much too close for comfort and there was no doubt that the culprits would try again, sooner than later. Thus, it came down to our heroic team “Scorpion” to discover who was responsible and stop them before they had a chance to try it again, which could potentially start a new world war. No pressure!

The whole mess traced back to an attempted assassination of two world leaders, including our own Bill Clinton. The event was covered up, but there was one casualty at hand: the shooting of Secret Service agent Bruce (Elliot), who just so happened to be carrying the so-called “nuclear football,” which contains the locations of all the US nuclear missile silos in other countries, as well as the launch codes and a detonator. While Bruce was being operated on for his injury, the football was stolen, and had never turned up in the sixteen years since that had passed.

With no activity to that end before now, the US simply assumed that whoever had it didn’t realize its value, or else they would have used it to their advantage. Instead, it turned out that the culprits had been studying up on their hacking skills, in order to fully take advantage of what the football could do- and now they were ready to use it to start an out-and-out war between Russia and the US.

Using brain boosting techniques on Bruce- and wary test subject Cabe, for that matter- the team was able to help Bruce get some of his memory back, as he had been stuck in the past ever since his injury way back when, but at the same time, unable to remember anything helpful. The team put together a sort of mini-ECT device, using what amounted to jumper cables attached to a car battery and by applying short, sharp shocks (cue the Pink Floyd), were able to jumpstart Bruce’s memory somewhat, not to mention Cabe’s, which would come on handy later on.

This led them to one of the Secret Service agents on duty that day, who had a condition that caused his finger to turn blue, which was one of the things that Bruce remembered. While they discerned that the man in question, Khara (Navid Negahban, “Homeland”) was indeed the one who stole the football, he wasn’t talking, but Bruce was also able to remember the number Khara called that day, which led them to a shell charity run by another man, who turned out to be living by the docks.

This led to a showdown, as the man and his cohorts were able to successfully hack into the silo a second time, and this time set the missile launch into motion for real. With only a half hour to launch, the team raced to the docks and a shoot out ensued, with the team ultimately cornering the man by an electrified fence. Caught with nowhere to run, the man tossed the suitcase with the detonator over the fence, thus ensuring the team they would never get to it in time to stop the launch. However, some quick thinking by Happy led to her using a crane with a magnetic device on the end to magnetize the tracks, thus causing the approaching train to stop dead in its tracks so that it wouldn’t run over the suitcase, which in turn would have set off the missile. Whew!

This was another action-packed episode, with some great moments, notably Cabe’s impressive dive tackle of Khara and an amusing turn by Elliot. Granted, this episode was a bit more hinged upon convenient plot machinations than the one last Sunday- i.e. the fact that Khara and the man with the suitcase both happened to be in town at the time, the fact that the latter lived less than thirty minutes away from where the team was, and, of course, the fact that the keys were in the crane that Happy operated at the end- but still, I suppose such things are to be expected from a crime procedural show with only forty-five minutes or so to get the job done. That sort of thing is par for the course on CBS, certainly, where a good 75%, if not more, of their output falls under that category.

That said, if you could forgive the whole deus ex machina thing, this was still a highly enjoyable episode. Plus, you got some much-appreciated forward momentum on the whole Paige/Walter relationship thing and you got to see Cabe get some of his mojo back, so that was pretty cool for fans of the show. While I remain perplexed as to why CBS didn’t show this episode on Sunday instead of the one they did show, it doesn’t change the fact that this was an entertaining episode overall, so I can forgive the dubious nature of CBS’ mishandling of the situation. Besides, the gambit still worked, as the show did get a boost in the ratings, so no complaints here about that.

What did you think of the latest episode of “Scorpion”? Did you also think this episode would have been a better fit for Sunday? Which did you like better: this one or the Sunday episode? (I’d say the Sunday one, by a nose.) Do you think the show will retain the audience from Sunday? Would you have preferred a two-part episode instead? Did you enjoy seeing Elliot again? What was your favorite part of the episode? Do you think Paige will stay put in California or move to Portland? Sound off below and I’ll see you for the next one!