The Originals Season 2 Review “Gonna Set Your Flag on Fire”

The Originals Season 2 Episode 10 Gonna Set Your Flag on Fire 04

On the latest episode of “The Originals,” the family feud continued, as Finn picked up where his mother left off and tried to bring down his brothers, in “Gonna Set Your Flag on Fire.” As Camille was taken to the safe house to watch over a still tenuous Elijah and Hope, Klaus returned to the home front with Hayley to try and unite the vampires and werewolves to combat Finn. This, of course, was easier said than done.

For one thing, the impending marriage between Hayley and Jackson wasn’t the sort of thing that could be rushed, involving a shaman, devotion rituals, various trials, and a mystical unification ceremony. For another, Hayley felt that she owed it to Jackson to come clean about her feelings for Elijah. Though Klaus advised against it, she ultimately told Jackson about her hook-up with Elijah, and though hurt, he still wanted to go through with the ceremony. Before they could, though, all concerned had much more pressing matters to attend to.

It seems that, using dark magic, Finn was able to entrap Klaus, Kol, Marcel, and a host of vampires and werewolves alike within the Mikaelson compound. Then, to make matters worse, he cast a spell to make the vampires ravenous, in hopes of creating a mass slaughter that would dash any hopes of a peace treaty between the vampires and werewolves. Could one group or the other get out in time to stop the inevitable from happening?

While Kol tried to counteract the spell inside, and Davina tried to do so outside, Klaus attempted to make a deal with Finn: the location of their mother in exchange for lowering the barrier. Klaus knew that Finn probably wouldn’t honor it, least of all when he saw that their mother was either dead or undead- as in a vampire- but really, it was just a distraction in hopes that Finn would take his eye off the ball just long enough for them to lower the barrier and get the wolves out.

It worked, but by then Klaus had discovered that Finn had double-crossed the family and arranged for Rebekah to go, not to a host body he had originally chosen, but one within the house that Klaus had spelled so that when one entered they could never leave, which had since become a sort of expelled witch asylum, with the nefarious Kindred running things with an iron fist. Naturally, Rebekah tried her best to get out, but all she did was manage to communicate via word tiles to a mystery presence, in hopes of signaling Klaus and the others, with the help of none other than Cassie, who was now no longer possessed by Esther, but instead back to being herself.

Rebekah saw a lot of cryptic stuff while there, including a mysterious female ghost, a glass coffin that she wasn’t able to see inside of, and finally a successful message received via the word tiles that answered her question as to who they were speaking to: none other than the supposedly late Freya. You’ll recall that Freya was the long lost sibling of the Mikaelsons that Esther traded to her sister Dahlia, in exchange for her being able to have kids in the first place. The price was her first born, along with any future first born of any kids she might have from there on out. The question is: was this really Freya, or was it perhaps Dahlia, posing as her? And, if it was Freya, where was she?

Meanwhile, Kol and Davina were able to get the barrier down just long enough to get the werewolves out, but Klaus tossed Kol back inside to contend with the hungry vampires, as he had discovered by then that Kol had betrayed Rebekah- and by extension, the family. At the same time, Finn had discovered that their mother had opted to feed rather than die and had indeed become what she supposedly thought was the worst thing in the world: a vampire. This was too much for Finn to bear, so he killed her (I think) and reunited her with her husband Mikael, who also looked to be dead, though I suppose it could be more akin to a trance or a coma. Whatever the case, both parents are now residing within a magic circle of some sort that traps them inside, while, if I’m not mistaken, still allowing Finn to draw from their considerable powers to use to his own devices.

That was about it, really, but it was a nice set-up to the second half of the season, definitely. We’ve got Finn actively plotting against his family, now angrier than ever, in light of what Klaus did to their mother, and now more powerful than ever, thanks to having his parents’ collective powers to draw from. Meanwhile, there’s Rebekah, trapped inside both another woman’s body and within a house for wayward witches, but who just made contact with her long lost sister Freya. (I think maybe Freya was busy with her previous gig on “Witches of East End,” lol.) Finally, there’s the burgeoning unification of the werewolves via Hayley and Jackson’s impending nuptials.

When all of these things converge, it should be something, to say nothing of the upcoming, perhaps inevitable return of Dahlia. So, even if this couldn’t help but be more set-up for future things to happen than anything else, it was still well done, and the spell trapping the vamps and wolves together was a nice touch that added tension where there might not have been otherwise, making this less of a transitional episode period, and more of a transitional episode with benefits. After all, both of the Originals parents did end up captured by the end of the episode, and that’s no small thing, and neither is the return of Freya (maybe). All in all, a pretty solid episode, I thought.

What did you think of the latest episode of “The Originals”? Were you happy to see the parents incapacitated? Do you think that Rebekah actually made contact with Freya? Or was it Dahlia pretending to be her? Will Elijah ever shake what his mother did to him? Will the union between Hayley and Jackson actually make a difference, or is the hatred between the wolves and the vamps too far gone to be rectified? What will Finn do next? Will Klaus ever forgive Kol? When will Dahlia make her appearance? Sound off on this and more below, and see you next week!