Jane The Virgin Episode 10 Review “Chapter Ten” – The Big Storm

Jane The Virgin Episode 10 01

In this episode of Jane The Virgin, called “Chapter Ten,” a hurricane hits the city just in time to send everyone into some extra frenzy.

I’m seriously beginning to worry about Jane’s health and the health of her baby. No pregnant woman should have to go through all the stress she’s had to in the past couple months. In this episode alone, she had enough stressful situations to last anyone a good year, maybe more.

First off, there was the fact that Jane’s abuela was in the hospital after her fall (aka push) down the stairs. After the midseason finale, I wondered what kind of condition Alba would be in when we saw her next and I was so sad to see her in a coma. Jane sitting by her bedside and remembering the time when she asked her abuela to teach her how to pray was both sweet and heartbreaking.

As if that wasn’t enough for Jane to worry about, the city was being hit with a hurricane and, oh yeah, Rafael’s first duty after being put in charge of the hotel was to start laying people off. The hurricane made Jane’s journey back to the hotel to find her grandmother’s rosary dangerous, while Rafael’s actions put Jane into yet another difficult situation. With everything else going on in her life, she also had to think about which of her friends she should help keep their job.

Oh and as if all that wasn’t enough, then Jane and Michael got stuck in an elevator – in the middle of the hurricane – in the middle of their post-break-up awkwardness.

And as if all that wasn’t enough, Jane then got a panicked phone call from her mother that the hospital is planning to deport Alba if she survives the accident.

I mean come on, can’t the poor girl get a break?

Luckily, a lot of the issues Jane had to deal with did turn out alright in the end. I’ve been a big fan of Michael’s since the beginning and he went up another couple notches in my book in this episode. I love that he was the one to help Alba and I thought it was really sweet that he didn’t want Jane to know about it. I’m having a harder and harder time rooting for Rafael so here’s hoping he does something equally awesome in the next episode.

My favorite bits:

Jane learning to pray “the right way” from her abuela.

“You recall we last left Michael and Nadine in a rather exciting position… not that one, you perv.”

The excitement of the narrator before he got to list off all of the insane things Petra had done in the past few months.

Finding out that Rafael was apparently firing people… during a hurricane.

“Please Jane, I need this job. I drink for free and it’s so close to my gym.”
“Yeah, I don’t think I can use that argument with Rafael.”

The definition of “swag bag” that appeared across the screen. Yep, sounds about right.

Michael and Jane finding themselves in the classic “stuck in the elevator” bit.

Michael’s very awkward attempt to relieve the tension in that very awkward situation.

Petra actually doing a pretty good job at keeping her mom safe from Ivan.

The look on Rafael’s face when that elevator opened. Oh boy.

I’m so with Rogelio. I’d put my money on Gloria Estefan in that situation, too.

Finding out that the concealer Rogelio had was actually his own and not from the swag bag.

Abuela waking up while Xo was praying, then pretending to be asleep a little longer so that her daughter would keep her promise.

Finding it kind of funny that Rafael asked Jane not to let Michael get between them, considering that’s exactly what he did to Michael.

Aw. Michael was the one who helped Alba? So sweet!

What did you think of this episode of Jane The Virgin? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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