The Flash Season 1 Review “Revenge of the Rogues”

Man, it’s great to have The Flash back on the air, isn’t it? The midseason break hasn’t been too long, but with a first season this good, you’re pretty much always ready for a new episode. Thankfully, the show hasn’t missed a step between half-seasons; “Revenge of the Rogues” was another stellar entry that continued building the show’s rapidly-expanding world while showcasing all of the characters.

As a huge Prison Break fan, I’d been looking forward to Dominic Purcell’s debut at Heat Wave. Teamed up with Wentworth Miller’s Captain Cold, it was a reunion of the show’s two main stars that failed to disappoint. Miller was good as ever as Cold here, fully committing to the character’s calculated madness. Purcell, meanwhile, was great as the temperamental Heat Wave, bringing a ridiculous amount of energy to the role. It’s true that the two both have over-the-top personalities, but The Rogues are often a more light-hearted challenge in the comics, so it fits that they’re so delightful to watch here.

On the serious side, Barry sidelined himself for most of the episode to focus on his speed training. He’s still shaken by his battle with Reverse-Flash, so he’s putting all of his effort into getting faster. And while this led to some cool moments on his own – missiles got nothing on the Flash – it was clear he was too caught up in his own head. It didn’t help to have Harrison, his unknown enemy, pushing him to focus on the training instead of helping the city. Ultimately, the Flash returned to take on the Rogues when Caitlyn’s life was at stake, leading to a great late-night street fight.

As the main plot played out, there were numerous other plotlines and character beats going on, all of which did a great job of fleshing out the characters and world. From Cisco’s frost shield helping to redeem Star Labs to the introduction of future Firestorm figure Jason Rusch, there was a lot going on throughout the hour. My favorite moment, however, was seeing Eddie come to the Flash’s rescue. However much he distrusts the hero, he’s still a good cop willing to risk his life to save someone else’s. It’s a small moment, but it helps to further complicate a character that came across as flat in the early part of the season.

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