Chasing Life Season 1 Review “Next April”


After what felt like months and months of tortuous waiting, Chasing Life is finally back and it’s as if April didn’t miss a beat. She’s already back at it, returning to work at the paper, rocking an awesome, but itchy wig, and living life. When we see her pausing in front of the big brick building with a box in hand however, it’s clear she’s rushing things. And the proof is in the pudding when she fails miserably at her first assignment thanks to her “chemo brain.” Danny’s reaction was hilarious while Raquel’s save was surprising.

As the hour progresses we learn a lot has happened since the mid-season finale. For starters, Leo has been in a coma for 2 months but is finally showing small signs of improvement. It’s great to see April confess her feelings to him while he isn’t responding because it is clear he can hear her. He even opens his eyes at one point giving us hope that these two will finally get the romance they deserve.

Wow, I think I like Dominic after all. After April returns to work and has an awkward elevator run it’s easy to feel bad for her and irritated with him as he flirts with another girl right in front of her. However, he reminds April later on in the episode that although she has cancer, and he looks like a jerk for dumping her, in the end she was the one who cheated on him. April doesn’t want anyone to feel bad for her because she has cancer and Dominic is one of the few who don’t.

Meanwhile, we find out that Sara and George have been sneaking around this entire time and finally get caught by grandma! Her reaction isn’t great and mirrors my own thoughts. Where is this storyline going and why would Sara choose to get involved with George? Yes, he is helping April so she must be grateful towards him, but it’s still her ex-husband’s brother.

And if this all wasn’t enough to contend with, the show runners also brought Natalie back and with her mother to boot! Talk about a difficult situation. Natalie agrees to get tested to see if she is a better match than Brenna in order to help April. The pink peony scene was heartwarming, as well as Sara reminding April that she would do anything for her. We also saw Leo awake by the close of the show, during a brief scene where he is making wise cracks to April.

What did you think ‘Chasing Life’ fans – was the series’ return what you hoped for? Are you Team Leo or Team Dominic? Leave your comments below?