Castle Season 7 Review “Private Eye Caramba!”


Castle returned last night after a brief winter hiatus with a case centered on the death of a Latin telenovela actress. Working parallel to one another, thanks to Beckett, she and Castle take on the case that also involves a missing $500k purse and plenty of twists and turns.

Throughout the night we see Castle trying to get comfortable in his new role as a private eye. The transition is comical and strange at the same time. Castle appears – in the beginning – to be one step ahead of Kate until she beats him to the ladies room at the Opera House, a scene where the episode finally picks up steam. He’s upset that she didn’t share her information while the restroom attendant is hoping he’ll be making his exit soon. He also shares his comical guess about the true identity of the vic – this time she is a covert operative. Kate shrugs his guess off and the two go their separate ways.

Still unable to locate the purse, Castle’s first client is getting antsy and decides to fire him and then rehire him when he tells her it must be in the limo the victim was traveling in. Of course, the episode wouldn’t be complete unless Castle found himself in some trouble. Luckily, Ryan and Esposito come to his rescue. He later irritates his client once again when she walks in the office to check up on his progress only to find Beckett and Castle getting hot and heavy after Beckett declares that she is in need of a private dick. What a great line!

In the end, Castle’s client turns on him after he realizes that it’s not the purse she is after, but the contents inside – I won’t spoil the case. I am still not sure if I like this new working arrangement between Beckett and Castle. On one hand, the two seem to be having withdrawals from one another which has created some intense romance scenes. And on the other, Beckett’s side of the investigation seems flat and boring without Castle’s craziness. What do you think ‘Castle’ fans? Do you like these two working apart? Will they ever be back together as a team?