Supernatural Chat: An Interview with Mark Sheppard

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Hey there, Supernatural fans! It’s been a long winter hiatus, but hey, at least we had that wonderful bit of news last week to keep us warm during those winter nights. Season 11 is happening! If someone had told me back in, say, Season 2 that we’d be sitting here having seen a 100th and 200th episode, looking forward to Season 11, I probably would have told them to lay off the wine. But here we are.

Anyway, back to this installment of Supernatural Chat, I’ve got an interview with Mark Sheppard from the recent Salute to Supernatural convention in Los Angeles. Here are some of the highlights:

On Crowley’s future:

“[The writers and I] keep talking about the possible need to reevaluate what it is that Crowley is doing, what Crowley wants. That’s going to be the fun part of it.”

On Crowley’s relationship with Kevin:

“He always tortures the people he loves. But I don’t know if he’s affectionate. I don’t think Crowley’s that affectionate towards Kevin. I don’t know, it’s a weird thing. If you’re determining that Crowley’s a bad guy then you’re looking at it that way, but what is Crowley actually doing? What’s the purpose of what Crowley did? If you watch the show, it’s an interesting thing. I kill less people than the Winchesters.”

On Crowley saving Castiel:

“It made sense. Everything that Crowley does makes sense. I just had a conversation with Jeremy [Carver] about [this] and I think all the writers and everybody have been very consistent in their determination that, whether it’s true or not, Crowley will always take credit for knowing what has been going on, what will be going on and how it’s going to turn out.”

On the quintessential Crowley moment:

“‘Where’s your moose?’ It was just a completely throwaway [line] and it created a complete sub-culture, a genre of its own. Then you had ‘not-moose,’ which is really funny.”

On the difference between fans of the various shows he’s done:

“Difference? No, a lot of them are the same fans. There’s a lot of crossover now, a lot more crossover. But I think a lot of those shows tie together, like Doctor Who and Battlestar Galactica and Firefly and Supernatural. It’s interesting though, you won’t get a lot of Vampire Diaries and Supernatural fans crossing over, but you will get Doctor Who and Sherlock [fans crossing over].”

On younger fans discovering the show:

“Actually, surprisingly, Supernatural fans are similar the world over. The only difference now is that the age has changed. We’re now talking 13 and 14 and 15-year-old girls who are watching the show and there’s no way they were watching when it came out. Because the content delivery systems have changed and now you can Netflix it and watch nine seasons and catch up in three weeks. I’m amazed by this, it’s absolutely incredible, which is interesting because it makes sort of a conundrum because there’s a lot of people re-discovering characters that – under conventional television rules – would be forgotten. Because a lot of [actors] they’re watching recently haven’t been on the show in years. You’ve got kids watching Jeffrey Dean Morgan in Supernatural as a new thing.”

On the Supernatural conventions:

“This is a very different type of convention. We’re talking a group of maybe 20 people, a core of maybe 20 people, who work together all the time off and on – who travel together a lot, who see each other a lot. I mean there are maybe 8 or 10 of us are constantly seeing each other.

“It’s interesting that we keep trying to reinvent and make new ways to make the [conventions] as interesting, because we’ve got to see each other all the time. Then the things like the Saturday night [concert] have to be special. Misha’s got things that go along with what he does with GISHWHES and Random Acts that make it fascinating for the fans and for us, too. It becomes part of this whole circus that we have together.

“But we do spend an awful lot of time together. It does help that we kind of like each other and we have fun things to do. So we do try and keep a lot of fun in what it is that we do. It has to be fun because we work hard so we play hard.

“I think this year, this 2015 batch of shows are going to be a lot fun to come to. The musical element has changed a lot and the way we interact with each other – with the fans – is evolving to another level as well. They’re going to be a lot fun to come to. If you’re going to come to a Supernatural convention, this year is going to be the most amazing time to do so.”

Note: At this point Misha Collins had arrived for his interview and couldn’t help but to interject with this fun tidbit:

“It’s becoming an all-nude review in 2015.”

Sheppard replied:

“But that’s just for the people dressed as Castiel.”

Sheppard then joked about what it’s like being a series regular:

“It f***’s up my social life and keeps me from doing other TV shows. They’re mean to me now so I feel like part of the gang.”

Collins added, “You know you’re in when everyone starts being an a**hole.”

Sheppard then brought up Jensen Ackles hitting Collins with a pie, “No human being has ever been pied as hard as you’ve been pied. In the history of pie-ing and clown-dom and fun, no one has ever been hit with a pie as hard as you.”

Collins, “That very well may be true.”

It just goes to show that the hilarity you see between the actors on screen and on stage at the conventions is exactly how they act behind the scenes as well.

What did you think of what Sheppard had to say about Crowley and the Supernatural conventions? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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