‘Revenge’ (Season 4): Who’s Getting Revenge Now?

Margaux Revenge

Since the very beginning of Revenge back in September of 2011, the main focus has been on Emily Thorne (aka Amanda Clarke) [series lead Emily VanCamp] getting revenge on the people who not only took away her childhood but also imprisoned her innocent father.

Granted over the course of the show’s four seasons, the overall story has gotten quite convoluted and cluttered with needless storylines. None more so than this season with Victoria Grayson (series lead Madeleine Stowe) seeking revenge against Emily for putting her in a nut house and now Margaux LeMarchal (series regular Karine Vanasse), who wants Emily taken down for the death of Daniel Grayson (former series regular Josh Bowman).

Margaux made her “grand” entrance on ‘Revenge’ in the season 3 premiere episode where viewers learned she was a childhood friend and former flame of Daniel’s, who came to the States to start the American version of her powerful father’s magazine Voulez. Over the course of that season, Margaux failed to seduce Daniel back into her bed and then ended up in a relationship with Emily’s childhood love Jack Porter (series regular Nick Wechsler).

That relationship came to an end (thank God!) and Margaux eventually returned to Daniel, who – this time around – was more inclined to fall into bed with her. So much so that she recently learned that she was pregnant. All seemed well between the two, until that fateful night when Daniel lost his life trying to safe Emily from new-in-town FBI agent Kate Taylor (guest star Courtney Ford).

As viewers know, yet another lie to hide the truth was unfurled by all those involved in the incident. Truth: Daniel was killed by Kate who was trying to kill Emily. Lie: Emily shot Daniel because he was trying to kill her. Margaux is, of course, unaccepting of this story, pushing the cops to investigate what really happened; and then learning the truth from Victoria. But despite Victoria telling Margaux to let it go, Margaux is not going to do that because she doesn’t want her unborn child believing his or her father is a murderer.

What she intends to do is destroy Emily; and in order to do just that she has brought in a mystery man named James Allen (guest star Ed Quinn from Eureka fame) who worked for her late father to gather evidence to prove all the bad that Emily has done over the years.

Margaux seems as intent on revenge as Emily has been, but to what end? Will the revenge appease her any more than it has for Emily? Does she realize what Emily will do once she gets on to Margaux’s plan; and you know she will? How will Jack react when he learns of Margaux’s plan? After all they were a couple at one point in time and Jack is still devoted to Emily.

More importantly, will this storyline bring Margaux’s part in the show to an end? She hasn’t exactly been popular with the fans and her storyline has only helped to convolute the original intention of the show. What are your thoughts on Margaux and her hope for revenge against Emily? Please share your thoughts below.

The next episode of the fourth season of ‘Revenge’ will air on ABC on Sunday, January 25 at 10/9c.