Revenge Season 4 Review “Abduction”

Revenge Season 4 Episode 10 Atonement (3)

In spite of its bombastic origins, Revenge has been far more of a slow burn in recent years. Gone are the days where we would get a big, mini-revenge plot weekly, replaced instead by an increased focus on the direct conflict between Emily and Victoria, and their attempts to manipulate the ones around them. That’s not to say that there isn’t merit in this form of storytelling – I’m still watching, after all – but it was nice to see “Abduction” offer a more energetic hour of television.

Of course, this being Revenge, there was still a lot of talking. Even locked in a cage, all Victoria could do was spit venomous remarks at Emily. It was pretty infuriating, though things took a turn when Victoria risked her own life to save Emily. In fact, the ending had a finale feel to it, with Victoria admitting Emily and David deserved a life together and suggesting they all go their separate ways.

Getting back to the final confrontation with Malcolm Black, it was a tense exchange, with control of the situation flipping back and forth several times. Ultimately, Black took several bullets and a tumble into the furnace, which pretty much wrapped up the main David Clarke intrigue that’s dominated the season. I wonder if this was a mistake, simply because of how many episodes are still left in the season. Are we really supposed to view Margaux as the main threat for the rest of the season? More on her, later…

It’s weird, but I’ve gotten to a point where I can actually accept Louise as a part of this show. That’s not to say she’s become an integral character, but the revelation that her insanity was a result of her mother and brother drugging her at least makes her sympathetic. It also frames her story as one that can be built into a revenge plot, maybe even a lighter-hearted one that fits Nolan’s snarky sense of humor better. Of course, when it comes to romance, Nolan doesn’t exactly have a great track record, so this marriage will probably be rough.

Unsurprisingly, Margaux continued investigating her own vendetta against Emily, hiring a private investigator to find evidence of her crimes. Now a lot of her anger was fueled by Victoria giving her a warped view of events, so a simple conversation with Emily could potentially defuse the whole situation. Still, that’s not how this show usually rolls, so it’ll be interesting to see how the show handles this all moving forward. Can’t say I see Margaux working as the big bad, but there’s no telling if that’s where things are going yet.

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