Hart of Dixie Season 4 Review “The Curling Iron”


This fourth and likely final season of Hart of Dixie is in the enviable yet tricky situation of the audience being certain of the ending but still expected to stick around for the duration. Working Rachel Bilson’s pregnancy in has always meant that Zoe and Wade would end up together, and so watching this episode, ‘The Curling Iron’ make the journey to that destination compelling was all the more impressive.

Zoe is a character defined by her independence, which is something to always admire about the show. She was introduced as an ambitious doctor first and foremost and, even when embroiled in the show’s various love triangles, she never lost that streak of self-sufficiency that allowed her to step away when things got too messy.

Which is why a baby is a big deal, and Hart of Dixie thankfully treats it as such. As said in that glorious conversation with Rose, she has considered her options where abortion is concerned, but has also looked at how she may regret not going through with a pregnancy at this stage in her life. It’s a grown up monologue from an adult character acting her age – so rare for television.

And so, Wade or no Wade, Zoe is going through with the pregnancy, so now we just have to see how he takes the news. I can’t help but feel like she was too harsh cutting him off after one conversation in which he didn’t know the full story, but at least she was upfront with him in the end.

My guess? Wade is definitely ready for a kid, especially one with Zoe. We saw that character do so much growing up last season, specifically in preparation for building a functional life with someone, and watching he and Zoe make their relationship work in spite of an unplanned pregnancy would be a wonderful, satisfying ending for them both.

The rest of the show still feels like it exists in an entirely different universe (with the exception of that lovely scene between AB, Lemon and Zoe), and I’m as tired of Lemon’s love life as Brick seems to be. It feels like we’re biding time before the George/Lavon/Lemon triangle really kicks off and I’m about as here for that as I was at the end of last season. Lavon is the worst, and Lemon belongs with George.

What did you think of the episode? How will Wade react to the big baby news? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.