Glee Season 6 Review “Jagged Little Tapestry”

Jagged Little Tapestry 4

So this season of Glee is basically a grand, musical intervention for Kurt Hummel and, dear lord, if there was ever a character on this show who needed a reality check, it was him.

‘Jagged Little Tapestry’, following two of the best episodes Glee has put out in years, was a return to the normal running of things in a lot of ways, but the hour was still basking a little in the glory of that season opener and so a lot of those little annoyances didn’t seem so annoying. That’s sugar-coating the continued mistreatment/irrelevance of Tina and Puck, but there we are.

The strongest parts of the episode were those that carried over from last week, with Kurt slowly coming to terms with his own personality in a way that I didn’t think the show would ever grasp.

For too long, he has been the golden boy, the writer’s mouthpiece and the person in the background telling the audience how they should feel about Rachel and Blaine’s latest antics. But that’s not the Kurt we all fell for in seasons one and two, and if season six is doing one thing right, it’s this.

Putting Blaine in the background in his own story is a little sad, especially when you realise how little time with Mr Anderson we have left, but it’s a temporary necessity that allows Kurt to actually feel the fallout from a breakup he was largely responsible for.

He’s felt vacant, a shell of himself, since the engagement over a season ago, and so seeing him react now to the tatters of his own life is pretty darn beautiful.

It’s especially prevalent in Jane and Mason’s number, which is more about Klaine that is any of the newbies (another unfortunate return to old patterns), and accompanies Glee‘s own fanvid – showcasing both the good times and hard times of their relationship – while Kurt gradually breaks inside.

It pairs with the earlier ‘flashback’ of season two Kurt and Blaine at the Lima Bean – which is notably only Blaine’s fantasy – indicative of where he’s at in the nostalgia department. He’s not missing the cold, indifferent Kurt who callously dumped him, but the guy he met at Dalton way back when.

But it’s Santana’s rant later than really drives it home – voicing every irritation many have had with the character over the years, but also just pointing out the shortcomings in a character that was once so defined by his complex, human flaws. He’s not perfect, he is often “utterly intolerable”, but that’s what makes Kurt so wonderfully, lovably Kurt.

Speaking of Santana, ‘Jagged Little Tapestry’ was the week that Glee finally made up for one of it’s biggest betrayals – Brittana. Not only did fans of the couple get a bedroom scene, a kiss, and a lengthy declaration of love, but they also got a duet made of pure, unadulterated joy that was then followed, of course, by the proposal.

These two are perfect, not bogged down by the dysfunction of so many other pairings that have survived the last five seasons, and the choice of mash-up for the proposal song, and subsequent speech from Santana, fit perfectly with everything they were, are and could be.

There was no need for an elaborate production set to a Beatles number, doubling as a political statement and accompanied by the county’s entire slate of glee clubs – just the choir room, where Santana used to count the days Brittany smiled at her, dying on the days that she didn’t.

Now don’t mess it up, Glee!

The Beiste storyline also began in this episode, and I’m as unsure about how I feel about it as I was when the spoiler leaked over the hiatus. I disagree with the choice to have the character go this route but, on the other hand, it’s great material for Dot Marie Jones, and a story that’s worth telling for a multitude of reasons.

Chord Overstreet was also fantastic in that scene and, though I missed him from the choir room this week, I appreciate that his dreams are being addressed this early on. Coach Evans certainly has a nice ring to it.

The show’s acknowledgement of past mistakes continued with Becky, as we saw her enjoy a relationship that – much in the way that Brittany does with Santana – mellows her without sanding off the edges. Over the past few seasons, Becky had gone from hilariously subversive to downright unpleasant to have on screen, but what we saw of her in this episode was a good balance of the two.

And the premise of the episode was the blending of two opposing things to make something new – the Jagged Little Pill and the Tapestry – reflected most successfully with HummelBerry. I can’t get enough of these two working together, especially with Kurt’s aforementioned character development going on at the same time, and that pinky promise at the end was another one of those delightful throwbacks that season six seems adamant about including.

“Mash-ups aren’t always pretty, but they’re worth the risk,” and this episode proved that some combinations just never get old.