Syfy Goes To “The Expanse” and USA Has “Complications” [TCA 2015]

syfy usa tca winter 2015

For its first day at the Televisions Critics Association (TCA) Winter 2015 Press Tour, NBC Universal presented a few new series from some of its channels. More exciting were a couple of new series to air on Syfy and USA.

The Expanse (Syfy)

Syfy’s new series The Expanse is based on the science fiction mystery drama book series of the same name by Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck using the pen name James S. A. Corey.

Here are some highlights from the panel:

– “It’s kind of a film noir storyline.” -Thomas Jane

– In the series, every character is genetically humans originally, but they have been living in space for so long that they have evolved and changed to be separate. There are differences physically and culturally.

– Executive producer Naren Shankar explained that the set up of the world is that humanity has gone into space and settled in three different places: Earth, Mars, and the Belt. Each place features different people living there and Shankar explained that when people can start identifying each other as different it creates conflict and gives them a reason to fight, which is something they explore in the show.

– Executive producer Mark Fergus shared that they set the world in the first couple of centuries after they leave earth because everything is still working itself out. He added that whatever darkness is in our hearts we brought with us and we’re still trying to figure it out, which is the most interesting thing to explore.

– Shoreh Aghdashloo explained that her character Chrisjen Avasarala, a U.N. Deputy Undersecretary of Executive Administration, knows everybody in politics. She knows everybody’s name, psychological profile, pay grade and she even knows who they are sleeping with. She strongly believes that “Earth must come first.”

– There are currently four books in the series out, with the fifth one about to come out. The plan is to release nine total

– The authors of the book are part of the writer’s room and have been writing episodes with them.

– Aghdashloo shared that she has been a fan of sci-fi since she was 9 years old. She became a fan when she first watched Flash Gordon on TV.

– “I go where I find material that turns me on,” Thomas Jane said of his return to TV.

The Expanse premieres later this year. You can watch the trailer below.

Complications (USA)

In USA’s new series Complications, we follow Dr. John Ellison (Jason O’Mara), a suburban doctor who, while still dealing with his recent’s daughter’s death to cancer, unexpectedly becomes a vigilante when he saves a young boy’s life during a drive-by shooting. John soon learns that the boy is still marked for death and decided to save him at any cost, which leads him on a journey he didn’t expect.

Here are some highlights from the panel:

– “This is a show I started thinking about 10 years ago.” -Executive producer Matt Nix

– Nix told the genesis of the story for Complications: 10 years ago a gang member broke into his house and he decided to confront him not realizing he was a gang member. The guy ended up leaving, surprised he had been confronted. Nix decided to follow him and take his license plate. The guy got caught but when the cops came they let Nix know, they told him that the headquarters of the gang was a few blocks away from his house, so to be careful. A coupe of months later he eventually got out of it by making a joke at the trial of the guy that tried to break into his home. He recounted that when the guy apologized for breaking into his home, Nix responded, “It’s ok, it happens.” And that was the end of that, but also the beginning of the idea for Complications.

– Nix thought about creating a show looking at what would have happened if things hadn’t worked out for him.

– “It’s a crime thriller with a doctor in the lead.” -Executive producer Matt Nix

– Jessica Szohr explained that her character, Gretchen, and Jason O’Mara’s character, John, try to do the best in each situation they are put it, but most of the time they do it the wrong way.

– “I guarantee three laugh out loud moments in each episode, and if you’re easily amused that can go up to six.” – Jason O’Mara

– O’Mara shared that when the shows starts, his character just lost his daughter to cancer. The fact that he is a doctor and wasn’t able to prevent that from happening has really affected him, which leads him to make some of the choices he makes in the show.

– O’Mara explained that it’s not about whether he would have done the same thing – he doesn’t know – but the difference lies in the fact that he doesn’t think he could ever live with himself if he did it. However his character justifies his actions to himself in a way and that is explored in the show.

Complications premieres this Summer 2015. You can watch the trailer for Complications below.