Parenthood Season 6 “Let’s Go Home” Review

Last night’s episode of Parenthood was a feelings bonanza. I have no complaints, as it is what the show does best and we got another episode featuring the entire cast. Except Haddie. Poor Haddie.

This week’s episode was quiet, but very effective. Let’s all breathe a collective sigh of relief – Joel and Julia are back together and we are FINALLY done with that storyline. Or at least I hope so. Although I wish the writers had wrapped up this storyline much earlier in the season, I appreciate that the reconciliation finally felt like it was earned by both characters. It was refreshing to hear them both take accountability for the breakdown in their marriage, instead of their usual one-sided conversations in which Joel or Julia took on too much blame or none at all. With only two episodes left in the series, I’m glad the writers wrapped this storyline up in a pretty satisfying way, despite what felt like a very belabored execution at times.

Joel and Julia were not the only Bravermans making huge, life-changing decisions. Sarah decided to accept Hank’s marriage proposal. Do I care about Hank or his proposal? No. Am I tired of seeing Sarah’s relationship woes? Absolutely. Those gripes aside, I loved that the writers used Sarah’s struggle with the decision as an opportunity to allow her to bond with Camille. As I said last week, I love when the Parenthood writers give Bonnie Bedelia more to do. I was beginning to worry that her “more to do” would be limited to weeping and worrying over Zeek this season. The Camille/Sarah scene was great, as it provided a moment for reflection and gave a little hope for a future in which Sarah is in a happy, stable, drama-free relationship. Finally! I enjoyed the reminder of Sarah’s huge fallout with her family, which still created a bit of distance once she returned and reintegrated. I also loved Camille’s sentiment that the only thing that mattered is that Sarah came back. Sarah received a much needed reminder from her mother to stop over-complicating things and decided to say yes to Hank because he makes her happy.

The Luncheonette saga continued this week. I was quite surprised at Kristina urging Adam to take the money and run. Although Kristina made very valid points, this is the same woman who just finished funding an unsuccessful mayoral campaign and the same woman who decided to build a school for her son. I do not think Kristina is in the best position to lecture anyone about letting go of pipe dreams and beings conservative with money.

After a heartfelt appeal from Jasmine, Adam decided to hang in there with Crosby and crunch a few numbers to make the business more economically viable. I was not very invested in this storyline, but I did find it curious that an insurance payout and some number crunching would be enough to turn the business around. I was under the impression that things were much more dire for The Luncheonette.

Other great moments from the episode included Zeek accepting that home is where his family is. Drew continued to be my favorite Braverman this season and Amber started getting her apartment together for her baby. I really hope she starts locking that door once the baby arrives. I suspect that Ryan will show up soon – whether or not he’ll have his act together remains to be seen.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Parenthood? Sound off below!