NCIS (Season 12): The Many Loves of Tony DiNozzo, Jr.

NCIS Season 12 Episode 10 House Rules 04

For the past 12 seasons on NCIS, viewers of the long-running CBS procedural have become accustomed to Tony DiNozzo, Jr. (series regular Michael Weatherly) being a man who has a love for woman; most typically not being too discriminate about who he dates and sharing far too many details about his love life.

Before he became an agent with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, Tony was a cop for several different police departments, including stints in Peoria, Philadelphia and Baltimore. While working for the Baltimore Police Department, Tony became engaged to Wendy Miller (guest star Perrey Reeves), but the night before their wedding, Wendy left him.

As long time fans of the series know, Tony went through a long line of girlfriends over the years since that failed engagement, including fellow NCIS Special Agent Paula Cassidy (guest star Jessica Steen); and pushing the “will they or won’t they” relationships with fellow team members Caitlin Todd (former series regular Sasha Alexander) and Ziva David (former series regular Cote de Pablo). During the last two episodes where Ziva was featured, she and Tony finally admitted their feelings for each other, sealing those feelings in a long-awaited kiss.

Back in season four, while working under a long-running undercover operation, Tony gets involved with Dr. Jeanne Benoit (recurring guest star Scottie Thompson); but despite both parties falling in love, the truth about who Tony really was is eventually revealed, hurting Jeanne for good.

A number of seasons later, Tony gets involved with another NCIS agent – this time Erica Jane “E.J.” Barrett (recurring guest star Sarah Jane Morris), the woman who ended up with the team leader role in Rota, Spain for which Tony turned down. She is in Washington, D.C. to investigate the Port to Port killer that was the primary target of the show’s 8th season. Once that long-running investigation came to an end, though, so did Tony and E.J.’s relationship.

Most recently, Tony ran into ATF Special Agent Zoe Keates (guest star Marisol Nicols), one of his former flames, and they reignited their relationship. In fact, it was revealed in this week’s episode that they have been secretly dating for a while now; and this time it actually seems to be serious.

If you are a fan of NCIS, what are your thoughts on the many loves of Tony DiNozzo, Jr.? Did you, like many others, want to see him and Ziva end up together? Or are you accepting of his new relationship with Zoe? Please share your thoughts below.