Exclusive The Librarians Interview: Christian Kane Reveals How Jake Came To Be, What Viewers Can Expect and More

Based on the series of television movies starring Noah Wyle (Falling Skies) as an adventurous librarian, TNT’s The Librarians picks up where the films left off, only know there is a team of Librarians set out to set save the world by reclaiming one artifact at a time. Christian Kane plays an integral role in the team as a brain who wants to be the brawn.

Fans fell in love with Christian Kane thanks to his roles on hit dramas like Angel and Leverage. Now the actor is bringing his natural charm to Jake, The Librarians resident art enthusiast. Recently, TV Equals chatted with Kane about taking on the role of Jake, his passion for the series and much more.

TV Equals: Will you tell us a little bit about The Librarians? Do you think it will be inviting to both new viewers and fans of the franchise?

Christian Kane: Oh man, it’s Indiana Jones on crack. There is so much magic in this thing it is just beautiful. We are trying to walk down Noah Wyle’s path that he paved for us. Ten years to the date, on December 7th, is when the first movie premiered, and he did three of them. Now we are fortunate enough to get to ride his coattails with the show. He is an unbelievable actor, a dear friend of mine and a great asset to the show. We are just having the time of our lives.

TV Equals: What was your first reaction when you read the script?

Christian Kane: Well, it was fun for me because John Rogers, who I worked with on Leverage, kind of wrote the role with me in mind. John was nice enough to base this character a little bit on me and what an honor, what a blessing to have a writer of John Rogers’ caliber to trust me in a role like this.

It’s something different than I have ever played before. I didn’t even trust myself going into it. There is a lot of comedy, and I wasn’t sure how to make fun of myself after five years on Leverage. John put the words out there, then Noah Wyle showed me that it is okay to put myself out there and it is okay to make fun of yourself. I trusted both of them and I developed the character that way.

TV Equals: How would you describe your character Jake?

Christian Kane: I would describe him as a good ole boy. He was very smart growing up in Oklahoma and that is just something you don’t do there. It’s not so much like that anymore, but when I was growing up, you kind of hid it and didn’t let your friends know. You wanted to be a tough guy, you wanted to be a beer drinker, you wanted to be a bar brawler—when you were really smart, you wanted to keep it under your belt.

And that is who I think Jake Stone is. Jake is very embarrassed actually to be that smart until he gets to the Library and realizes there are other misfit toys like him. Then he realizes, it’s okay to be the true person I am around these people, it is okay to open my mouth, it’s okay to talk. It takes him a second, but he begins to realize these people could be a family he could be involved with.

TV Equals: You’ve played a lot of tough guy characters in the past. Is Jake both tough and cerebral or does he lead more with his brain or his fists?

Christian Kane: Jake leads with his fists when he should lead with his brain. That is why Rebecca’s character, Eve, has such a problem with Jake because he believes he can solve any problem with two fists. He is not Eliot Spencer so he loses a lot of fights.

Eliot Spencer was very street smart. He was book smart too, but mostly street smart. Jake thinks he is street smart which makes him twice as bad as Eliot. He thinks he can fight like Eliot, but he can’t. What he needs to do is learn to use his words and his mind. Being around these misfit toys is starting to do that. He is beginning to realize his muscle is nothing compared to his brain.

TV Equals: You almost majored in Art History yourself. Was that something that helped you connect with Jake?

Christian Kane: It is. It also helped me connect with John Rogers more than anything. I love art. I was actually kicked out of the art school at The University of Oklahoma, but I do enjoy art and I enjoy talking about art and more than that, looking at art. So I do enjoy a character who has that appreciation. I didn’t have to stretch there and I think John gave me something I was familiar with so I could fill the shoes a bit quicker.

TV Equals: You have worked with a lot of terrific ensembles in the past. With The Librarians, was there a moment onset or off where the chemistry with everyone just clicked and you knew the team dynamic was working?

Christian Kane: There is a little bit of background to that. Last year, I went on King & Maxwell to play Rebecca Romijn’s (Eve) brother so we knew each other and we had a brother/sister relationship going into this that we maintain to this day. We’re a little too close, I think. We love each other like a brother and sister and we fight like a brother and sister and you can see that on the show. For me and her it was just old pals.

I’ve known Noah for a long time; I remember him hanging out on the Leverage set in the first season, so we were old friends. Then John Larroquette– we have John Larroquette on our show, it is just amazing. Watching his humor and his acting is like acting 101, it is like going to school for comedy. It is such a blessing to have him. He has become such a dear friend to me and I have learned so much from him.

TV Equals: What do you think would happen if Lindsay from Angel, Eliot from Leverage and Jake all met in a bar?

Christian Kane: I think Jake would be running his mouth and start the fight and Eliot would clean house with both of them. Until Lindsay turned on the magic and he may just jump into the air and rain hell down.

TV Equals: In your own words, why do you think our readers should watch The Librarians?

Christian Kane: I can tell you a couple of reasons why. In this day and age, people need to be entertained, I know I do, and that is why I became an actor. Let’s lose ourselves a bit, let’s go into a fantasy world, sit down on the couch and crack open a beer and forget about the day, wash away the work week. Lose yourself and let yourself be entertained.
We worked really hard to do this and we are going to take an hour out of your life and just let you enjoy floating around this thing. John Rogers made it so the people watching really are part of the team, so I believe people are going to really enjoy watching this show because they get to take a journey every week.

It’s just like Leverage. People lost themselves, they went and they fought the good fight and then they went back to their lives. But for one hour, and this is why I love television, you get to leave the world for awhile and have fun and be scared and to cry and to laugh. We have all that on this show.

The Librarians airs Sundays at 8PM ET/PT on TNT.

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