Criminal Minds Season 10 Review “The Forever People”

The Forever People 3

After taking a week off for the People’s Choice Awards last week, Criminal Minds returned tonight with “The Forever People”. Human popsicles started showing up in Nevada, so the team has to make their way to the silver state to put a stop to it!

This season has had a big increase in character development, and that was the same today with a major focus on JJ. She almost beats a poor dude to death that she was sparring with, and she frequently flashes back to the torture she experienced back in the 200th episode at the hands of Askari. She thankfully was able to get out some of her emotions and frustration to Reid later in the episode, and it was truly heartbreaking to see that she’s still so shaken up about the whole thing. Maybe I’m just not remembering correctly, but had she admitted to the rest of the team that she was pregnant? Was that in the file, for public consumption? I couldn’t tell if Reid was reacting to that because it was news for him, or if he was just sad. Either way, it was so sad to see not only JJ so deeply affected by it, but Reid was clearly hurting as well. It’s a little surprising that JJ isn’t still seeking professional treatment for what she’s going through. Not only is she most likely suffering from PTSD, but she lost a pregnancy! Either one of those things can really mess up a person, so to have both at the same time would make you a wreck!

Either way, the actual case of the week revolved around a cult that nearly freezes people to death and then resuscitates them. Of course, one of the cult members gets a little too crazy and starts flash freezing people. We’ve seen plenty of cult episodes in the past, and we’ve seen tons of people go crazy and start taking some kind of religious or metaphysical beliefs too far, so there obviously wasn’t a whole lot of originality here. The whole hook involving the ice made for some cool looking freezing effects, but that was really all that was setting it apart. We only saw the Unsub for about two minutes until JJ tracked him down and shot him, so it was all over with pretty fast.

The episode clearly wasn’t meant to be focused on the case, though. The beginning, middle, and end were all about JJ. I didn’t quite know what would happen at the end when she started reading Askari’s file, but I was not expecting him to show up sitting across from her! I know he’s a hallucination and all, but that doesn’t make it much better. JJ is clearly very damaged, and it’s concerning that she’s surrounded by profilers and nobody can tell how truly screwed up she is. She’s hallucinating that her torturer is talking to her and she’s recklessly shooting into a room that could have blown her up. Hotch needs to step in and make a decision about her before someone gets hurt!

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Random Thoughts:

– JJ was really walking into that whole “What happened to your hand” rebuttal, wasn’t she?

– I rarely jump from surprise during this show, but I nearly jumped out of my skin when the Unsub hit Carl with a bat.

– I wonder if Faran Tahir will return as a hallucination for JJ going forward. He’s great!