Girls Season 4 Review “Iowa”

Girls Season 4 Premiere 2015 Iowa 1

When we left Hannah and Adam in season three of Girls, they were not in a good place. Yes, Adam had finally found something he was passionate about and Hannah had formulated a legitimate plan for her career, but their relationship was hanging over a precipice, waiting for that one final push.

After this fourth season premiere, ‘Iowa’, that push still hasn’t come, and they’re still hanging. The biggest shocker of all? Hannah’s being the mature one in the relationship.

Shipping your main character off to a different state is a ballsy move for any show, but even more so on a show like Girls that characterises itself so much around both the idea of New York city and the relationship between the titular females. Jessa even sums those concerns up in her speech to Hannah – she’s going against the very premise of the show by moving to Iowa, and that makes everything less certain.

Which is a fantastic thing for a series entering into it’s fourth year. We have absolutely no idea what Girls is now going to look like from week to week, whether Adam and Marnie will implode now that Hannah has gone, or how the narrative will split itself between locations. Will Hannah still be the focus (presumably so), and is now the time for Marnie, Jessa and Shoshana to truly bond over the loss of their friendship group’s dysfunctional glue?

It almost seems as if everyone has been frozen over the break – Adam is still fretting over his career and burying his head in the sand in regards to his relationship, Marnie is making bad choices with new beau Desi, Shoshana is readying herself for post-college life and Jessa is resolutely refusing to grow up. But they all have one thing in common – Hannah – and that thing is leaving them.

It’s the most unpredictable the show has been since it started, but that also comes with its own risks. I’m looking forward to seeing what the heck Girls becomes when it transitions into mid-twenties mode, I’m pretty sure it won’t be as different as we expect.

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