Eye Candy Season One Review: Pilot Episode “K3U”

Eye Candy MTV 6

What do you do when your younger sister has been missing for three days and you finally find her with a group of douchebag guys for whom you do not approve? One, you bitch at her to get in the car. Two, you go to Hamburger Hound and get fast food.

What happens when that same younger sister gets grabbed from behind by some guy wearing a ski mask, forcing her inside a black van; and you’re trapped in your Suburban in the drive-thru lane? You fight your way out of the car, climb over the car blocking you in, only to be too late as that same van nearly plows you down.

Three years later, you’re at your desk at work with your good buddy George (series regular Harvey Guillen), who sits in the workstation next to you. He’s warning you that the boss man is coming by and you need to stop playing on the computer with your “charity work” – the online support group you created for other people who have had a family member gone missing.

Welcome to the world of Lindy Sampson (series lead Victoria Justice), a white-hat vigilante-hacker – on the new MTV series Eye Candy – who was caught by NYPD cop Ben (guest star Dan Lissing) because she was trying to find her still missing sister Sara (guest star Jordyn DiNatale) and got involved with a group of people who could have earned her way more than 6 months of parole.

It is obvious from the outset that Lindy is obsessed with finding out what happened to her sister. And it’s just as obvious that there is a lot of history – not to mention chemistry – between Ben and Lindy – he didn’t tell her he was a cop when he first approached her at a night club – and that omission obviously came between them not to mention the fact that she was a hacker that the cops were investigating.

Now that Lindy is free of the ankle monitor as part of her parole, her best friend Sophia (series regular Kiersey Clemons) is determined to get her BFF back in the action with a new guy. Since Lindy is supposed to be off computers (yeah, like that is going to happen?!), Sophia sets her up with a profile – her ID is “Eye Candy” – on Flirtual, the biggest online dating service in New York.

At a crazy night club hidden behind an unassuming flower shop, Sophia and Lindy meet up with Connor (series regular John Garet Stoker) – Sophia’s other best friend – but frenemy of Lindy [obviously, we’ll learn eventually why Connor and Lindy can’t stand each other, but love Sophia]. There Lindy meets up with the acceptable guys on Flirtual for which Sophia approves, hitting the mark with three of them: Peter, a pediatrician; Reese, a car importer and Jake (recurring guest star Ryan Cooper), an Australian lawyer.

The problem is once Lindy gets home, her own computer is hacked – supposedly by one of these three guys – who just might be a serial killer. Long story short: Lindy decides to date all three guys to learn who this creep really is; but Sophia is super worried about her, asking Ben to keep an eye on her despite the fact she hates him for what he did to Lindy.

Using her formidable skills (I’m not totally sure if I buy Victoria Justice as a hacker, but whatever?!), she hacks all three of the guys’ phones; but the serial killer trips her up, killing Peter the pediatrician and leaving her phone in his mouth. This move, and the fact that Lindy hacked into Flirtual, discovering that there are three members who recently went missing after getting creepy messages just like Lindy – has Ben and fellow cop Tommy (series regular Casey Deidrick) not only concerned about her, but wanting to find this creep too.

Until a protective detail can be arranged, Ben tells Lindy he will be staying with her, and given their romantic history, that’s not necessarily a good idea; but by her side he is. Of course, it’s convenient that he takes a shower at her place, but when Lindy seemingly goes missing from her apartment, Ben obviously freaks out. Turns out she simply decided to go up to the roof of the building to “get some air” and once he knows she is safe, they have sex. Isn’t that how all broken relationships that caused one of them to be put on parole work out?

In the end, Tommy and Ben are watching the two remaining suspects, but when Lindy gets a video of some masked guy getting into their apartment, heading straight for Sophia (this creep set up cameras all over their apartment, sick!!), Lindy tells Ben what is happening and they both race to the apartment to save her; but it’s all a ruse. Sophia is safe and sound at the club; but Ben gets to the apartment before Lindy. The masked intruder attacks Ben, taking him up on the roof and using a video stream to a laptop set up in the arms of a mannequin instead the apartment, this sicko gives Lindy the “chance” to tell Ben she loves him before ending his life. Needless to say, Lindy will be on a mission to end whoever this serial killer is in order to get justice for Ben and the others.

My overall impression of ‘Eye Candy’ is that it will be disturbing; not on the same level of CBS’s Criminal Minds and Stalker, but pretty damn close. I still don’t know if I buy Victoria Justice as a hacker, but I buy her as a determined young woman wanting to find her missing sister. And, I buy her grief over losing Ben and wanting justice. The cast is of this series is conveniently eye candy enough that that will draw in viewers, but let’s just hope that the storyline will pull them in as well without grossing them out too much.

What are your thoughts on ‘Eye Candy’? Do you have an idea who the serial killer might be? Please share your thoughts below.