Can The Librarians Be Considered a Mash-up of Warehouse 13 and Scorpion?

Eve, Cassandra, Ezekiel, Jacob, Jenkins - The Librarians

TNT recently premiered a new program, The Librarians, based on the trilogy of movies. There are of course several changes that were made, but the biggest change is that the movies focused on one man, The Librarian and his adventures, whereas the TV program has shifted the focus away from him and onto a team of potential Librarians.

When The Librarians premiered, my husband watched part of it with me while we sorted laundry. The conclusion he reached after his partial viewing was that it was a cross between Warehouse 13 and Scorpion. I decided it might be fun to take a deeper look at his analysis. In comparing these shows, I mean no disrespect for any of them – in fact, I am a serious fan of all three shows. I think it is important to note that all three Librarian movies predated the first episode of Warehouse 13.

The Teams

The Librarians had the main character from the movies, Flynn Carsen, appear in the two premiere episodes, and then again in episode 5, but he is not the main focus of the show. Instead, Eve Baird, a counter-terrorism agent, who was recruited by the library as Flynn’s guardian, leads a team of three potential Librarians who first came under her protection when someone was killing off prospective librarians. This team has what could be a trope for TV shows – geniuses who need to learn to redirect their talents to help others.

Cassandra, Jacob, Eve, Ezekiel - The Librarians

Making up the team on The Librarians there is Ezekiel Jones, a world class thief and tech expert; Cassandra Cillian, a mathematical genius who not only does computations in her head but sees connections between all kinds of disparate things; and finally Jacob Stone, the muscle of the group who is secretly an expert in art history. Rounding out the regulars on The Librarians is Jenkins, the curator of the Portland branch of the Library. Hmmm… Portland – what other show is set there? Why another magical show of sorts – Grimm! I always wondered why so much weird stuff was happening in Portland. Can this be the explanation for that?

warehouse 13 cast syfy

Warehouse 13, which recently wrapped after 5 seasons on Syfy, took a slightly different approach to their team. It started out focusing on a team of two, Pete and Myka, both former Secret Service agents, who were very smart, but not geniuses. With the addition of Claudia Donovan, however, the team did acquire a certifiable genius.

Walter, Gabe, Happy, Toby, Paige, Sylvester - Scorpion

Scorpion, on the other hand, definitely has another team of geniuses, protected and handled by Cabe Gallow, an agent with Homeland Security. The team of geniuses is led by Walter O’Brien, an all around genius who was arrested for hacking NASA when he was a kid. Then there is Happy Quinn, a mechanical genius who also specializes in picking locks and cracking safes. Toby Curtis is a genius behavioral scientist and Sylvester Dodd is a genius statistician who can do math calculations in his head as well as hack computers.

From a purely team perspective, I think that The Librarians is closer to Scorpion than Warehouse 13 if you are just looking at the genius factor. Of course, all three shows have another TV trope, and that is that the main characters are all quirky, with the exception of Myka from Warehouse 13. And, Scorpion and The Librarians take the quirky factor further than Warehouse 13 did.

Artifacts/Magic Objects

Warehouse 13 and The Librarians Artifacts

The Librarians deals with magical objects which are kept safe in the library. The team is responsible for retrieving and protecting magical objects that are too dangerous to be left out in the world as well as making sure that magic does not fall into the wrong hands.

On Warehouse 13, they were dealing with new and missing supernatural artifacts that are imbued with power by someone or something. Their activation usually involves a person, but not always. And, they are not always dangerous when activated. When possible, artifacts would be neutralized with purple goo and placed in the Warehouse for safe keeping.

Scorpion does not deal with anything magical or supernatural, just your every day criminals.

Other Characters

Charlene, Judson, Mrs. Frederic, Artie, Jenkins, Eve, Flynn, Jacob - Warehouse 13 and The Librarians

I would be remiss to not mention Jenkins on The Librarians, who in many ways is similar to Artie Nielsen on Warehouse 13. Both characters do not go into the field, but rather stay at the home base and send others on missions. Both men have mysterious pasts. Both are irascible but in their own way warmhearted. Gabe on Scorpion does go into the field, but he does have some irascible tendencies and a somewhat mysterious past.

Then we have Judson and Charlene on The Librarians, who in some ways remind me of Mrs. Frederic on Warehouse 13. Actually, truth be told, Charlene reminds me more of Hetty on NCIS: Los Angeles, but I digress. Unfortunately Judson died in the third Librarian movie, but now communicates via a mirror from the after-life. However, he did (and must still) have special powers and Mrs. Frederic always had a mystery about her ability to be able to appear and disappear at will.


Do you think that The Librarians could be considered a mash-up of Warehouse 13 and Scorpion? Or would you compare it to other shows? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!