Revenge Season 4 Review “Madness”

Revenge Season 4 Episode 10 Atonement (3)

So, how many times have we watched Emily excited and ready to leave the Hamptons now? I mean, “Madness” has got to be the fifth or sixth time all has seemed right in Emily’s world, before some inevitable change in plans brings her back to the warpath. And while Revenge is usually good about putting these moments at the winter or season finales, this episode’s placement this early in the year, coupled with the obvious threat of Malcolm Black, made it a much harder hour to sit through, necessary though it might’ve been.

And honestly, the idea of the show once again giving us a fake-out happy ending for Emily isn’t that big of a deal. Again, it’s kind of a necessity, short of having Malcolm just pop up and try to gun her down at the top of the hour. No, what continues to be a perplexing, weird addition to this season’s narrative is Louise, who took a central role with Emily and Nolan this week. She’s a character that has seemed crazy and apparently isn’t, who’s jumped from interacting with Victoria, to Margaux and Daniel, and then to Nolan. And still, over half way through the season, she’s yet to be at all of consequence.

On the positive side of things, this can be pegged as the episode where Emily’s secret identity stopped being at all a secret. True, new characters may need to learn it down the road, but with Margaux and Hunter both learning the truth about Amanda Clarke, it’s nice to have that part of the story more or less put to rest. Of course, what Hunter does with this new knowledge remains to be seen, but heck, even the big bad knows here secret by hour’s end.

And as it often does, the show ended on a solid cliffhanger, with Malcolm Black taking both Emily and Victoria being taken hostage (after one of their verbal sparring sessions, of course). So, yes, while this episode was a bit of a drag, it looks like next week will be a solid, action-packed hour. Hopefully, with the usual burden of set-up out of the way, we can enjoy a more exciting storyline moving forward.

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