Resurrection Season 2 Review “True Believer”


On the latest episode of “Resurrection,” Bellamy, amongst others, had to decide whether or not he was a “True Believer,” with some pretty high stakes at hand, to say the least. Of course, if it wasn’t for ABC themselves spoiling it in the commercials for this episode, it might have actually been a surprise, but just seeing it in the commercial led me to be immediately suspicious of the whole thing because why would they show the death of a major character in the preview like that, if there weren’t more to it?

Naturally, that proved to be precisely the case, which is a relief, being as how it really would have sucked to lose Henry, least of all on top of losing Pastor Tom so recently. Which begs the question: if Pastor James can indeed raise the dead, couldn’t he theoretically also bring Tom back? After all, didn’t he say at the end of the episode that there were plenty of others just waiting to come back? Granted, we never got an answer to the obvious question Bellamy had: waiting on what? But just the fact that he said that gave me hope that maybe there’s more where Henry came from, including Tom.

Given that the ultimate fate of “Resurrection” hangs in the balance, I can think of worse ways for the show to end its run than to bring back Tom and maybe finish off the Margaret storyline by finally having her come to terms with both of her sons and her complicated relationship with them. I mean, she sort of already did with Fred, but not so much with Henry, and that pump was certainly primed here, when she thought she’d lost him for real. It would make perfect sense for her to want to see him after all that’s happened and her reaction to it, in spite of what she’d claimed in their last talk together (that she never cared for him).

It would also be nice to see the remaining returned that are currently residing at the government facility find that there’s a place for them at Arcadia as well, given how miserable many of them are. Granted, you did have that mean lady who was running around harassing people- who steals someone’s glasses? But still, maybe the more disgruntled of them wouldn’t be such a pain in the butt if they weren’t living in what amounted to a prison-like place. That’s no excuse for bullying, to be sure, but, at the same time, you can see where tensions would run high in a place like that.

As for the business with preacher James, he admitted that he was indeed once a con man, and saw Bellamy as his second chance at doing good. But he clearly knows more than he’s sharing, or else how in the world would he have known if he killed himself he could bring back Henry with him- and potentially others? I assume he brought back that other guy as well, but did he kill himself to do it? He must know more than he lets on, or he certainly wouldn’t have told Fred or Bellamy to kill him, right?

I think some of it must tie into the “great flood” that James referred to, the one that swept Bellamy away in a basket (!) when he was just a baby named Robert. Might it be religious in nature? Certainly the whole baby-in-the-river thing is drenched in Biblical allusion (no pun intended). It kind of reminded me of this book series I read as a kid, called “Blackwater,” by Alabamian author Michael McDowell, best known as the co-writer of “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and the screenwriter of “Beetlejuice,” both with renown filmmaker Tim Burton. It’s been a while since I read them, but I seem to recall the supernatural events there also being set into motion with a flood, and there being a preacher with dubious qualities as well. Not saying this show is ripping that off- they may not even be aware of that admittedly fairly obscure book series, which doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page- but that aspect of the show does remind me of the series.

Beyond that, Rachael came back to town and essentially checked out fine with Maggie, who also hooked her up with Elanie, who gave her a new place to stay and a job. I realized that, of all the characters, hers has been amongst the less well-utilized this season, which is a shame because they did give her some solid material in the first season, and I like that actress who plays her, Samaire Armstrong, who I have fond memories of from “The O.C.” and “Entourage.” (Maggie is probably a close second, for that matter.) Did anyone else catch that business with Rachael stopping at the grave? It made me wonder if maybe James and her are related somehow.

I would also be remiss if I didn’t address the immense growth of Fred, aka this episode’s VIP. I mean, he really stepped it up this episode, didn’t he? He helped push Henry in the right direction after last week’s blow-out with Lucille, he later also apologized to him for his part in trying to get Jacob taken from him, and how about that scene with James, where he was like I need one of you to kill me to him and Bellamy? He certainly would have done Margaret proud when he unhesitatingly took James down, am I right? Fred’s definitely evolved big time over the course of the series, which is nice to see, given what a sad sack he was early on, albeit understandably.

All in all, a good episode that would have been that much better if ABC hadn’t spoiled part of the biggest twist in the preview. For that reason, what with only a couple of episodes left, I skipped out on the preview this time out, so you’ll have to forgive me if I don’t discuss whatever they showed in it this time around. That said, even if I hadn’t seen it, I probably would have assumed that there was more to it when Henry died, but still, they killed Tom off, too, so you never know. It could have gone either way, but knowing what I did, I just assumed that Henry would ultimately end up okay, and so he was. I’m glad that was the case, but it was also somewhat frustrating. As such, I’ll be skipping out on the last few previews so that I can remain in the dark as much as possible.

What did you think of “Resurrection” this week? Were you surprised Henry was back after death, or did you think he was a goner? What’s the real deal with James? What do you think his endgame is? What does he need Bellamy for? Will Margaret be back? Will she lead a rebellion at the facility after all? Will crazy Janine be back? What are your predictions for the big finale? Sound off below and I’ll see you next week!