The Good Wife Season 6 Review “The Debate”

The Good Wife The Debate Season 6 Episode 12 4

The Good Wife has done “ripped from the headlines” stories before, but nothing quite like this. Never before have they had to put disclaimers up as the episode began, but it was definitely helpful to know that “The Debate” was written before all of the Ferguson and Eric Garner news rocked the country. It would have felt like they were being a little too opportunistic if they jumped on the news after knowing how much it would have affected everyone, but thankfully this wasn’t the main focus of the episode. It definitely made for an effective and stirring opening to the episode, though!

We quickly got into the titular debate, which was a lot of fun. They did a great job at conveying the stress of the on-camera debate, and the writing and cinematography was just as great as ever. It was a little annoying seeing Alicia struggling at the beginning and flubbing her first few answers, because you just knew she was going to pull an Alicia and bust out an incredible answer at the end. It’s happened dozens of times on this show over the years, so you just knew that a classic Alicia Florrick smackdown was coming up, and she opened up her can of whoop-ass on a reporter that mentioned her husband’s infidelity with Ramona Lytton.

The best part of the debate came afterward, though, when Alicia and Frank continued their debate in the kitchen. I loved seeing the waiter pipe up and interject himself into the debate, and it was awesome seeing Alicia really hit her stride in the much more informal setting. Frank’s handler quickly got his man out of there when he saw the tide turning against him, but I’m sure that cell phone video will pop up in a later episode.

Part of me was hoping that the Alicia/Johnny kiss would have just been swept under the rug. If it were up to Alicia, it probably would have, but it seems that it meant a little more to Johnny than we thought. Although I don’t really care about a romance between these two, it was nice to see some actual emotions out of Johnny instead of just fast-talking and strategizing. We actually heard him laugh! Hopefully he can get over his attraction and just focus on getting Alicia elected, then he can move along to the next candidate.

As exciting as the debates were, The B storyline tonight was a huge letdown. I don’t know exactly why they felt the need to shove in a case of the week when we already had the debate and the race riot to focus on. The Good Wife has had a problem in the past with dropping a case-of-the-week when it needs to be dropped. I would have much rather seen more of Eli being Eli, Peter reuniting with Pastor Isaiah, or Alicia and Frank going at it in the kitchen.

Not to mention that Neil Gross has also been a somewhat inconsistent character. I get that he’s only a peripheral character that’s been in only seven episodes, but he runs so hot and cold. The first few episodes we saw him in he was very anti-lawyers, but then when Florrick-Agos was splitting up and trying to poach him he was being super cool and patient with them. Remember when they kept showing up to have a meeting with him and kept getting stopped at the bottom of the staircase when they were served subpoenas? He was super cool with that! Now he gets all pissed when he has to deal with yet another issue with his ex wife. How many cases has he had with her? Three? Four? Whatever, hopefully he’s out for good now that he’s fired Florrick-Agos-Lockhart.

It was nice to see Cary back in action, but now it looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more of David Lee around the office. I guess the whole Neil Gross appearance was just a means to an end to get Lee back into the office to replace…what was it…Evan? Somebody we’ve never met. Whatever. This was even more shuffling around that we could have focused on in a less eventful episode.

What did you guys think of the episode? Should Alicia even stick around at her day job anymore? Sound off in the comments section below!

Random Thoughts:

– It was a shame that The Good Wife didn’t grab any Golden Globes tonight, but you can’t really argue with the winners.

– David Hyde Pierce being on my TV makes me incredibly happy that he’s soon going to appear in the Wet Hot American Summer series on Netflix!

– Is it just me, or was anybody else getting a really bad vibe when Peter went to the courthouse steps at the riot? I totally felt like he was going to catch a bullet or something.