The Missing (Starz) “Till Death” Episode 8 (Season Finale) TMS1_Gallery01

The Missing (Starz) episode 8 “Till Death” airs Saturday, January 10 at 9pm ET/PT on Starz.

Episode Synopsis: The Missing Episode 8 “Till Death” – Tony, Emily, Julien and Mark’s futures are all uncertain after the truth behind Oliver’s disappearance is revealed.

Show Summary: “The Missing” is a gripping dramatic thriller that goes inside the mind of a father, Tony Hughes, played by James Nesbitt (The Hobbit trilogy), desperate to locate his lost son. With help from local police detective Julien Baptiste, played by Tcheky Karyo (Goldeneye), Tony embarks on an obsessive quest to find his son and those responsible for his disappearance. A gripping puzzle with twists and turns at every stage, Tony’s exhaustive search fractures his relationship with his wife, Emily, played by Frances O’Connor (A.I.: Artificial Intelligence), and threatens to destroy his life. Told through a delicate and complex narrative, “The Missing” unfolds over two time frames simultaneously.

In addition to Nesbitt, O’Connor and Karyo, the international ensemble cast also includes Emilie Dequenne (Laurence), Arsher Ali (Malik Suri), Titus De Voogdt (Vincent Bourg), Ken Stott (Ian Garrett), Said Taghmaoui (Khalid Ziane), Anamaria Marinca (Rini), Jean-Francois Wolff (Alain) and Astrid Whetnall (Sylvie).