Starz Presents ‘Outlander,’ ‘Black Sails’ and ‘Power’ [TCA 2015]

starz tca winter 2015
Day Three of the Televisions Critics Association Winter 2015 Press Tour ended with Starz presenting three of its returning shows.


Outlander 2014

Outlander returns for the very anticipated second part of its first season as we continue to follow the adventures of Claire Randall, a married WWII combat nurse who travels back to 1743.

Here are some highlights from the panel:

– Starz plans to keep Outlander going as long as it continues to be successful and hopes that they can get through all the books.

– They will start shooting season 2 in Scotland this Spring

– Executive producer Ron D. Moore explained that they don’t make changes until they have to, but always try to get back to the path of the book.

– “Sixteen was a good number for the first book,” Moore said of the sixteen episode featured in the first season.

– We get a Jamie voice over in the first episode returning, but it was only for that episode 9.

– We will also get scenes in the show that Jamie is in but not Claire.

– Caitriona Balfe shared that playing Claire brought her strength out or showed her she was stronger than she expected in the first place.

– In the second part of the season we will discover a lot more about Jamie. We start to see his stubborn side and pride.

– It takes an hour and a half to two hours to put on Jamie’s scars on his back.

– The story revisits Frank in the 20th century in Season 2 but we won’t see him again for the rest of the season.

– When asked about performing the spanking scene, Caitriona Balfe explained that it was important to put yourself in the shoes of the people living in that time, because it is shocking thinking about it today. She shared that they choreographed the scene quite well and tried to “give it the respect it deserves.” She added that Claire finds it hard to wrap her mind around this man she has fallen in love with and what he is about to do to her. She continued that they took time with it afterwards and let the characters figure out a way of how to get past it. There had to come to an understanding of why he had to do it in order for her to forgive him.

Outlander returns on April 4th. Check out the trailer for its return below.

Black Sails

Black Sails returns for its second season which picks up right where we left off last season with the Walrus crew stranded looking at an army of Spanish soldiers standing between them and the Urca gold.

Here are some highlights from the panel:

– Hannah New shared that Max comes into her own in season and starts to challenge Eleanor.

– Toby Stephens said that there is no redemption for Flint because we know he ends up dying before Treasure Island.

– Stephens explained that in Season 2 they force the audience to look at Flint in a totally different way. We will understand by the end of season 2 why he has done what he has done and what some of his demons are.

– Because Flint killed his best friend he is left forging an alliance with Silver this season.

– “Silver annoying Flint is one of my favorite things in the show.” -Luke Arnold said.

– “It’s funny I don’t find Vane very nasty, I find him very straightforward.” – Zach McGowan on his character Captain Charles Vane.

– “It’s the easiest job I’ve ever had in terms of make believe,” Jessica Parker Kennedy said when asked about shooting on location in South Africa.

– Jessica Parker Kennedy said that at first she was really stressed out wearing her corset because it really restricted her breathing, but by season 2 she got used to it and it now helps her get into the character of Max.

Black Sails returns on January 24th.


Power returns for its second season in which James “Ghost” St. Patrick is doubling down on his drug business to save his nightclub and dream of a legitimate future.

Here are some highlights from the panel:

– “It’s the first time in Tommy’s life that he has thought Ghost is trying to get me,” Joseph Sikora shared.

– Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s character Kanan will have a more prominent role this season.

– When they went to pitch the show to Starz they had an album already for the show.

– Omari Hardwick explained that Ghost would be even more narcissistic this season. He explained that the focus for Ghost has to be that he loves himself the most, but it’s also a negative that he loves himself so much because he will always put himself first.

– Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson was originally supposed to be the lead on the show, but his schedule didn’t permit it.

– “We have successfully created a show where it felt like the lead character could die.” -Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson

– Creator and executive producer Courtney Kemp Agboh shared that she went to school with “Heather and Buffy and Jessica and Lindsey” growing up in Connecticut.

– “I don’t know how to play a character I don’t believe in.” -Omari Hardwick

Power returns this Summer 2015.