Parenthood Season 6 Review “How Did We Get Here?”

“How Did We Get Here?” is often a sentiment I felt about the first part of Parenthood’s final season. How did we find ourselves enduring so much Hank, Ruby and other auxiliary members of the Braverman clan. The show returned last night for its final stretch and although Hank was present, the show felt much more like the Parenthood I’ve grown to love over six seasons. It was refreshing to actually see the main characters in the same room!

It is becoming more difficult each week to watch Parenthood without holding my breath in fear that Zeek is going to have a medical crisis from which he cannot recover. Indeed, Zeek was still alive and kicking by the episode’s end, but he needs more surgery that he may not be strong enough to endure.

Although I loved the episode, I was disappointed that we still have no closure on Joel and Julia’s marriage. The couple had sex, but they have not officially reconciled. Joel still wants his wife back. I have no idea where Julia’s head is at and she clearly has much more pressing concerns regarding her father.

I was also frustrated with the turn of events with the Luncheonette. Adam and Crosby have an out and once again, Crosby wants to follow his heart and not his head. This feels too reminiscent of the initial conflict between the brothers when they were deciding between opening the Luncheonette or taking a huge check. With only a few episodes left in the series, I would gladly welcome a much more efficient approach to dealing with the Luncheonette and moving on.

The highlights of the episode were the writers giving Bonnie Bedelia (Camille) more to do and Amber’s baby shower. Amber’s baby shower was classic Parenthood. I LOVED the book the Braverman women made for Amber. It was such a touching, heartfelt scene. If I was not suffering from Hank exhaustion, I may have been a bit more receptive to his marriage proposal. I really hope the writers will spare us from a Hank/Sarah wedding. Blech. Drew continues to be one of my favorite aspects of this final season and his growth has been an unexpected, yet extremely pleasant surprise.

Only three episodes left, fellow Parenthood fans! Is anyone going to have a happy ending here? Sound off below!