Discovery Asks ‘What Could Possibly Go Wrong?’ & Shatters Myths with ‘MythBusters’ [TCA 2015]

discovery communications tca winter15
For Day Two of the Televisions Critics Association Winter 2015 Press Tour, Discovery Communications presented various programming from a few of its different channels.

Here are some of the highlights from the panels.

Science Channel – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Science Channel’s new series, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?, will ask the questions of ‘how’ and ‘why.’ As in how can you load a car into a U-Haul van with just a couple of planks of wood for example. Series hosts Grant Reynolds and Kevin Moore will pick a new video of a good plan gone wrong, analyze it and try to make it work themselves.

The hosts met on the way to a motorcycle rally and have been having this “cool bromance ever since,” according to Reynolds.

When asked about their coolest experiment, Reynolds shared that it was the rocket skateboard they did and Moore talked about something way too complex for me to understand which apparently resulted in something shooting a ring of fire at two third the speed of sound (it sure sounds impressive).

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? premieres Saturday, February 7th.

Discovery Channel – MythBusters

Discovery Channel’s series MythBusters returns for a brand new season with hosts Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage taking a new stab at proving or disproving popular myths, misconceptions or legends.

The best part of the show is that myths sometimes turn out to be true. Savage shared during the panel that their favorite myths to turn out to be true is that elephants are actually afraid of mice.
Fun Fact: They had originally thought of the elephant/mice episode as filler because they couldn’t shoot what they were supposed to because of a storm.

Hyneman shared that they find the openings and closings of the show the hardest because they have to frame the story. And so they try to play around with it and sometimes even acknowledge the fact that they are doing it.

This season features Hyneman and Savage taking on The Simpsons, the A-Team, and more.

MythBursters returns Saturday, January 10th.

Matt on the Run

Animal Planet – Matt on the Run

In Animal Planet’s new series Matt on the Run, Matt Galland and his two best friends Danny Bryson and Blake Josephson go on remote locations throughout the globe trekking 100 miles in just three to four days. The trio documents their journey without a crew following them. Everything filmed on the ground is shot by them.

“…that’s what we do because miserable is totally awesome.” -Matt Galland

Destination America – TNA Impact Wrestling

If you are a fan of impact wrestling, then you will want to tune in to Destination America’s new series TNA Impact Wrestling.

When asked why wrestling is so popular, the President of Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling, Dixie Carter explained that it is “rope opera for the masses.”

TNA Impact Wrestling premieres January 2015.

TLC – My Big Fat Fabulous Life

TLC’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life follows the life of Whitney Thore a once 5’2” 110-pound dancer, whose life was turned upside down when she was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and gained more than 200-pounds. Whitney decided to pick herself up and return to her first love, dancing, which gave her a brand new look at her life.

Discovery Life Channel – New Girls on the Block

Discovery Life Channel’s New Girls on the Block follows a group of women friends who happen to be transgendered. Along the way we find out how they overcome some of the obstacles in their lives.

American Heroes Channel – Surrender

Surrender is a two part documentary series that conveys the real-time perspective faced by the U.S., Europe and the Soviet Union. The series will focus on the times between Christmas 1944 and the Summer of 1945 and use colorized and sound-designed archives remastered in HD.

Surrender premieres Spring 2015.

Investigation Discovery – Vanity Fair Confidential

ID’s new series Vanity Fair Confidential opens the Vanity Fair vault and uses the thorough research done on some of the worlds most compelling scandals and present it to us using first person interviews interlaced with archival footage, but without any reenactment.

Vanity Fair Confidential premieres Monday January 19th at 9pm on ID.