Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Review “Paradise Lost”

The takeaway from last night’s Sleepy Hollow seems to be relationships are hard. In other news, water is wet. Of course relationships are hard. But just because they’re hard doesn’t mean they aren’t worth fighting for. Each of the major relationships were tested in ways that I don’t think the characters necessarily thought they would be, but hopefully they’ll come out stronger for it.

I’m not going to rehash the episode’s plot step by step, but I do want to take a moment to address the issue of angels. I was kind of glad to see that they were finally introducing at least one angel on the series because it never made any sense to me that the forces of Hell were so active while the opposing forces of Heaven were so hands off. Even if Heaven’s agenda is simply to allow Hell to rise and then fight the ensuing battle, it still makes sense to at least have mentioned that at some point. Orion’s story kind of filled in that blank a little bit. Apparently, Heaven (or at least angels) have always been aware of Molock’s plans but they intended to do nothing. I gotta say I’m with Orion that the angels’ plan sucked. Where I depart with Orion is his plan to destroy humanity in an effort to save the earth. It was also at this point that I became disappointed with the show again. The odds are already stacked pretty high against Ichabod and Abbie. Despite those odds, they have managed to keep Hell at bay. It would be nice if for once, someone would show up who is a) not looking to kill them, and b) is honestly there to help them instead of advance their own agenda. Orion was hunting down all the creatures from Purgatory not necessarily because it was the right thing to do. He was hunting them down so he could find Headless and gain more power for himself while also making Headless pay for sending him to Purgatory. It would be a really nice change of pace if Ichabod and Abbie met someone who didn’t try to kill them. It’ll also be interesting to see how Orion figures back into the story now that Ichabod and Abbie have destroyed his sword because he didn’t seem to happy with them when he left.

Putting that aside for the moment, let’s address the relationships starting with the one I’m most interested in: Ichabod and Abbie. To say that those two have gone through a lot together is a massive understatement. Once they both accepted their roles as Witnesses, it seems like there has been no shortage of harrowing situations being thrown their way. Together they have faced demons, horsemen, succubi and a whole host of other creepy crawly things. And along the way they have developed an intimate relationship that has been entertaining to watch. This season, there has been a little bit more strife between them because they have disagreed on how they should move forward in the fight against evil. Most of those disagreements center on Ichabod’s (unfounded) trust in Katrina, but I’ll get to that in a minute. Ichabod can be stubborn sometimes, but then again so can Abbie. For the most part, Abbie will just let Ichabod take the lead, but she decided to put her foot down about Headless. Probably because he took someone so special from her, but whatever her reasons, she refused to remain silent when it looked like Ichabod was going to agree about letting Headless go. Even though Orion turned out to be a crazy zealot, I was glad that Abbie stood her ground with Ichabod because she hasn’t been doing enough of that lately. She sort of did it when Katrina first showed up and basically forced her way onto Team Crane, but in the end she backed off. Abbie standing up to Ichabod the way she did forced Ichabod to re-evaluate how he’s been treating her lately and how much of a blind spot he has when it comes to Katrina. That blind spot has caused Ichabod to be unreliable at best. Is Ichabod’s loyalty with Abbie and their mission or Katrina and Henry? This conflict between them forced that issue, and hopefully they will come out on the other side stronger.

Ichabod also had to deal with the state of his marriage. One thing that’s been abundantly clear about Katrina is that she cares more about herself than anyone else. Almost everything she’s done has been in service of her own desires. Never was that more evident than in her manipulation of Ichabod to get him to agree to let her try to save Abraham. Then, when it looked like Ichabod wasn’t going to do what she wanted, she went and set Headless free because she made the unilateral decision that it was better to try to save him than to kill him. Thankfully, Ichabod didn’t let her get away with her bad behavior this time. And can I just say, I had to just roll my eyes and shake my head at the end. Ichabod told her flat out he did not appreciate her using their marriage to manipulate him into setting Headless free, and what does Katrina do? Try to talk Ichabod into having sex with her? Really chick? The man’s just called you out on being manipulative, so your response is…to try an manipulate him again? Wow. Just wow. Hopefully this entire situation opened Ichabod’s eyes to the fact that his trust in Katrina is not warranted. She has done nothing but tell lies and half truths ever since he met her. Nothing she has done has proven that she can be trusted, and she’s obviously not a team player. Katrina has an agenda that is all her own, and it is impossible to successfully fight a war when all of the soldiers don’t have the same mission. I feel bad for Ichabod because I do believe that he loves his wife. It’s just too bad his wife is a liar.

Did anyone else feel kind of blindsided by that whole Jenny/Nick thing? Jenny mentioned in passing that she and Nick had a thing a while ago, but neither of them acted as if it was anything serious. Not to mention that Nick spent the greater part of the first half of the season flirting with Abbie. Now all of a sudden Nick and Jenny were thisclose to becoming husband and wife and Nick is all concerned about who Jenny is dating? I don’t think so. That whole part just seemed like a convenient plot device to work Nick back into the story and to attempt to give more backstory on him. I’m not all that interested in Nick though.

On a more technical note, I wasn’t particularly a fan of some of the camera angles. I understand that they were trying to convey that everything is upside down now that Molock is dead, but I’d rather not get vertigo. It was nice to see that Frank apparently isn’t dead, but then that begs the question, or rather questions, how and why? Where has he been for the past 6 weeks? Is he still human? Or is he now one of the things that escaped Purgatory? Lots of questions surrounding Frank, and I sincerely hope the show spends some time answering them. I’m trying to stay positive but you’re making it really hard right now, Sleepy Hollow. I want to believe that everything will get back on track, but this episode didn’t do much to bolster my faith in that regard. The show comes back in 2 weeks, so fingers crossed.