NCIS Season 12 Review “Check” – Darkness Descends on Gibbs

NCIS Check Season 12 Episode 11 1

In this episode of NCIS, called “Check,” Gibbs gets a visit from not just one, but two of his ex-wives during a case that will have repercussions for a long time to come.

This episode of NCIS was like taking a walk through the woods on a brand-new trail I’ve never seen before. First, the way was light and bright as we were introduced to the missing ex-Mrs. Gibbs and hilarity ensued. Actually, I think the beginning of the trail could be called the moment we learned that Gibbs had gone off coffee for 72 hours. These were moments that spelled a fun romp through a story full of laughs and fun.

But about halfway through the episode, the trail became darker and more sinister. Suddenly the crime scenes were starting to look like old cases and not just any old cases either, but ones where Gibbs lost people he cared a lot about. I didn’t think for a second that Rebecca was involved, but I thought maybe someone was seeking revenge on Gibbs through her. The only question was: Who?

When Gibbs and Diane were on the roof, that’s when the trail turned to night and the howling of wolves gave me shivers. I realized what was going to happen at the exact moment that Gibbs did, but I hoped that he could have gotten her away in time. The first time Gibbs lost someone he cared about to a sniper on a rooftop, it was Tony with the blood splatter on his face. This time it was Gibbs and it completely unnerved me that he still had it on his face when he went back to the squad room and throughout the rest of the episode.

With Sergei still on the run and after all that he has done to Gibbs, I have to wonder what that’s going to mean for the future. I feel like we’ve started to see a softer side of Gibbs in the past few seasons. He’s gotten through a lot of horrible situations and managed to eke out a few moments of happiness here and there. I think we’re about to see him revert back to the man we knew before and I can’t decide if I’m happy or sad about that. On the one hand, it might be cool to have that guy back but on the other hand it’s like, jeesh, can’t the poor guy get a break?

The only way I can sum up my thoughts on this episode is to say: What a way to start the New Year.

My favorite bits:

Tony snagging McGee’s resolutions from his desk.

Gibbs minus caffeine plus Jimmy sticking his foot in his mouth (again) equals hilarity.

I have to agree with Jimmy, though. I think Gibbs giving up caffeine would be very much like taking away King Kong’s bananas.

Gibbs coming face to face with not one, but two of his exes. Tony’s face in the window was absolutely classic.

“Ah, look at him. He didn’t know whether to run or wet himself.”

Wait. Gibbs didn’t wear WHAT when he was married to Rebecca?? That is either the most awesome piece of information we’ve ever received about him… or just TMI. I can’t decide.

Gibbs screaming at the team to get back to work. Yep, of course he knew they were sneaking up on him.

Gibbs eyeing Abby’s Caff-Pow. Totally reminded me of that time Abby tried to give up caffeine, too.

Finding out that Gibbs apparently uses tin snips to trim his toenails. It just makes me wonder… why?

The fact that Rebecca kept calling Gibbs “J.” That was adorable.

Tell me I’m not the only one who wasn’t thinking head massage when Rebecca said she always knew how to fix Gibbs’ headache, right?

Diane’s reaction to finding Gibbs and Rebecca asleep on the couch.

Abby deciding she didn’t want to get involved with the ex-wife sleepover at Gibbs’ house… not. Aha, I knew it! I knew Abby wouldn’t be able to resist a story that juicy.

Really wanting to hear Ducky’s rhyme to remember Gibbs’ ex-wives.

Gibbs naming off all the things that Rebecca was, but not a murderer.

The team sitting back with snacks to watch the fireworks in the interrogation room.

Holy cow. Rebecca is marrying the man she cheated on Gibbs with? Somebody hand me some popcorn. This is getting really good.

Tony totally figuring out exactly why Rebecca came back into Gibbs’ life.

OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG!! That did NOT just freaking happen.

Jimmy’s refusal to cut open another friend. Wow.

“Checkmate.” – Holy… I can’t even think right now.

The look on Gibbs’ face when he saw that Fornell was calling him. Ugh!

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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