NCIS: LA Season 6 Review “Spiral”

NCIS Los Angeles Spiral Season 6 Episode 12 5

After a strong winter season finale, NCIS: LA came back with another entertaining installment. Bioweapons! The Celtic Militia! Ken Tanaka from Glee! Deeks doing a Mission Impossible bit! A bad guy that looked like Bane/Headless from Sleepy Hollow! And Callen and Sam having a Wrath of Khan moment! All in all, a solid hour with most of the comedic moments not feeling forced or shoehorned in.

More Thoughts After I Make a Trip to Druid Hills, GA*

– I tend to gravitate towards episodes focusing on Callen, and this one was no exception. He doesn’t have the gruff authority of Gibbs or the relationship angle like Deeks and Kensi, but I find Chris O’Donnell inherently likable to watch. And he can handle the drama adeptly if given the chance (we’re talking about a guy who held his own against Pacino at 21 years old).

– Hey, a change of pace in the antagonists! It’s been awhile since I’ve seen something with the IRA, or in this case, an offshoot of the IRA, involved. If this was a movie, Sean Bean would no doubt have shown up.

– I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what Karen’s deal was but knew she was sketchy. At first I thought she was Blanchard’s girlfriend. Nope, she was worse: the Celtic Militia’s ace in the hole. Also, it’s very lucky her briefcase didn’t fall open and expose the virus after Sam shot her.

– I’m glad it was established that the heist occurred on a Saturday when only 100 employees were in the building and that the Celtic Militia had 15-20 men on their end. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have believed for a second any of their plan succeeding. That being said, wouldn’t every news station in the area gotten wind of the whole ordeal and made their way to the scene? I know the show can only do so much in 43 minutes but having no media around seemed implausible.

– Patrick Gallagher was sorely underused as Ken Tanaka on Glee. Glad to see he got a moment to shine here. I’m guessing his internal bleeding was attended to? I would have liked one more scene with him.

– Callen locking himself in the room after being exposed to the virus was very Spock in Wrath of Khan. Thankfully he came back 2 weeks later versus the length of a whole bad movie.

– Deeks pulling a Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol almost gave me a panic attack. Dude, I know you need that cell signal, but that drop is a long way down.

– So, who did bomb trigger guy remind you more of: Bane or Headless from Sleepy Hollow? I thought the latter to begin with until Deeks mentioned Bane.

– My one qualm was the ending of the episode. Not every finish has to be a light-hearted moment, and it ended up taking away from the gravity of what Callen experienced.

– Finale prediction: Callen is finally going to meet his dear old dad. It’s been telegraphed way too often this season so far to not finally happen.

*As someone who lives not too far from the CDC, I would consider it to be in Atlanta. Yes, the nearby area is Druid Hills, but most people here are going to say Atlanta for its location.