Forever Season 1 Review “The Wolves of Deep Brooklyn”

Forever (ABC) Episode 11 Skinny Dipper (9)

There’s a line early in “The Wolves of Deep Brooklyn” where Martinez says “I choose insanity” to Morgan’s replacement in the morgue. For whatever reason, I feel that line sort of describes my own relationship with this show. I’ve been critical of it in the past, but I have a soft spot for some of its goofier moments. And while I can’t imagine this show will ever be as intentionally whimsical as Castle, I still found myself missing the world of Forever as much as Lucas and Martinez missed Morgan.

Maybe it’s this renewed outlook on the show that helped, but this ultimately was one of the series’ most enjoyable outings. Sure, the whole Wolf of Wall Street vibe is several months past relevancy, but at least the main crime this week was competently investigated without any major logic leaps or convenient discoveries to help things along.

And if you want to see some grade-A scenery-chewing, look no farther than William Baldwin as the Wall Street hotshot at the top of the food chain. His performance carried every bit of smarm and superiority you could want from a character like this, and he made every scene he appeared in a delight to behold.

Even the flashback scenes weren’t entirely unrelated to the narrative this week. I can’t say that a story about Abe going to war was all that relevant to the main investigation, but his old war buddies were certainly present in the modern day. So, yeah, that’s something, right? Alright, as much as I missed the show, I still can’t defend the flashback material, which could definitely be used for meaningful connections to the modern-day stories. Still, things took a step in the right direction here.

So yeah, I’m coming around to an understanding with Forever. After a whole fall of disappointment over the show not being what I wanted it to be when it premiered, I’m now able to enjoy it for what it is. That doesn’t mean I won’t point out the flaws each week, but there will hopefully be a more positive outlook on the show moving forward. That is, of course, unless the quality takes another nosedive; you never know…

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