Revenge Season 4 Review “Epitaph”

“Epitaph,” the midseason premiere of Revenge, started in the immediate aftermath of Daniel’s murder, showing an unlikely alliance of characters coming together to cover up the truth of what happened. What followed were a series of reflective moments for a character that may not have been as important as he once was, but still meant a lot to the characters we do care about.

The memories of Daniel were nice, serving as a reminder of how innocent he was before Emily and Victoria’s war wore him down. Emily’s flashbacks to the happier moments in their relationship were well done, especially given that she had to watch from far away. Similarly, her confession of guilty emotions at the police station showed that, for all the animosity that had built up between them, she still cared a great deal for Daniel.

Now, not to sell short the sorrow of a grieving mother, but I found it a bit harder to swallow Victoria’s conviction to a blameless vision of Daniel. Of course, it’s no surprise she’d want to protect his image publically, but it’s not as if Daniel attempting to hurt Emily is out-of-character; this is the same guy that shot her point-blank in the gut a year ago, after all. Still, it all comes back to Victoria’s inability to take blame; she’s the one who put Kate on the path to Emily’s house that night, but she’ll never fully acknowledge that fact. Instead, she’ll just continue to blame Emily for all her problems.

Perhaps the most important development to come out of Daniel’s death was Margaux’s desire to see Emily burn. Ultimately, yes, Margaux is mistaken to be as mad as she is, but that doesn’t make it any less understandable that she is. After all, she’s being lied to about how the death happened, given a shaky story that she knows in her bones is untrue. With nothing else to lose, it might not be a stretch to see her team up with Malcolm down the line.

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