Resurrection Season 2 Review “Prophecy”


On the latest episode of “Resurrection,” the storyline with Margaret began to wind down, in “Prophecy,” if not the overall plotline of the show, which it remains to be seen whether or not they will wrap up in a satisfactory way. Though the show has yet to be officially cancelled, neither has it been renewed, which isn’t exactly a good sign this late in the game. Chances are, with no word as of yet, a lot will depend on how well the show that replaces it will do in the same time slot, which is “Secrets and Lies,” if I’m not mistaken. If that fails, ABC might want to stick with something proven; if not, there’s a chance “Resurrection” might be, well, resurrected.

As it stands, though, it’s looking less and less likely that it will satisfactory wrap up the various plotlines in the air by the final episode of the season, which is scheduled for the 18th of this month, insofar as I know, meaning that there are two episodes left this season that I know of. And if the way this episode ends was any indication, the show can’t possibly do so in such a short amount of time, especially without any real knowledge on the show-runners’ part going forward that it was going to end in the first place. My hope is that ABC will allow “Resurrection” to film at least enough episodes to wrap the story up in a reasonably successful way, but we’ll see.

As for this episode, it was clear that the show was headed into a new storyline, as a new character was introduced in the mysterious preacher James (Jim Parrack, of “True Blood” fame), a man with ties to Jenny (Nadej Bailey, “Selma”) and a young Robert, aka Bellamy (Omar Epps). Apparently, he knew them as kids before they disappeared, way back when. Upon returning himself, James was promptly struck by lightning, which caused a tree-like formation on his back to arise, seemingly in blood.

Walking into Elaine’s bar afterwards, he mentioned he was looking for a “boy,” which would seem to have been Robert, now Bellamy. When Bellamy discovered that Maggie had successfully come up with an antidote for the illness that had spread amongst the returned, he requested that Jenny be brought to Arcadia by the government types, presumably so that she could be vaccinated and stay with him moving forward, being as how she was his sister and all. The request was granted, and no sooner had the two gone to dinner than James showed up and embraced the young girl, who immediately recognized him.

Jenny told James that Bellamy was, in fact, a grown-up Robert, who had been here a lot longer than most of the other returned, and was thus, much older than he was in the past when he originally disappeared. At the end of the show, Bellamy found himself drawn to a patch in a field that was in the shape of his birthmark, a crescent moon shape. There, a lone flower grew, and Bellamy saw a massive amount of bugs (locusts, I think) spring forth from the earth and go into formation in a similar pattern as the tree-like shape on James’ back we saw before, before immediately disappearing again- if in fact they’d ever been there in the first place.

Whatever the case, James showed up and asked Bellamy if he’d seen it, “too.” According to James, he’d died saving Bellamy and his sister from the great flood back in the day before his recent return. James says that the town of Arcadia is “sick” and that they can heal it together, though the episode ends before he can say how they can do so, or what he knows about anything involving the mysterious return of everyone.

From the looks of next week’s preview, it would seem that something bad happens to Henry, and that James is instrumental in helping to bring him back, assuming that Henry dies, which is what it looks like. I would think that that revelation constitutes a massive spoiler, but just the fact that it was one of the only things that the preview showed leads me to believe that Henry will be back soon enough. Might Pastor Tom as well?

Of course, this begs the question, is James a good guy or a bad one? His behavior up until that final sequence was certainly just this side of creepy, and we only have his word that he was trying to “save” Robert way back when. Isn’t it possible it was quite the opposite? I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens next week, but I’m dubious of James thus far. Still, you never know. Maybe he is one of the good guys.

As for Margaret, we finally got the rest of her story, more or less, when it was revealed that her father had brokered her hand in marriage to the nefarious Langston family, after having done his fair share of dirty work for boss Langston way back in the day, including playing a part in the factory fire and covering it up. Having proved his loyalty to the man, Margaret’s father’s reward was that his daughter was married into the family, thus sustaining the Langston name via her two sons.

It was because of this Margaret had been so distant to her sons, having a deep-seeded hatred of everything Langston after having witnessed so much nasty doings on his end, not to mention being forced into a loveless marriage. However, it was because of this she knew how to “disappear” the returned as well, as she witnessed one of them do just that, as, after boss Langston and company unsuccessfully had tried to rid themselves of the “demons” several times to no avail, one of the men tried to comfort one of the victims by telling him to simply clear his mind and let go entirely, after which the man disappeared.

As such, she knew how to do the same with the others, who wanted to die rather than continue suffering. My theory is that boss Langston was trying to cover up something nasty he did and killed the men in question to do so, only they came back- and kept coming back, no matter how and in what way Langston tried to kill them. Considering them to be “demons,” Langston kept trying to kill them over and over, getting town support in the process, much as with the Salem witch affair, but to no avail, until Margaret stepped up, and having seen what went down with the man who disappeared, was able to finally “kill” the men once and for all.

Now that she had returned, she was convinced that her job was to do the same with the newly-returned, only her focus was on ridding those who she saw as a threat to her family first. Only her doing so only brought more tragedy and pain for her loved ones, so now she wasn’t sure why she was back after all. In the end, she was able to reconcile her hatred of her Langston connection just enough to bond with son Fred, but it remains to be seen whether or not she’ll do the same with Henry.

Margaret was about to head to the government facility where the other returned that weren’t in Arcadia were residing as the show ended, though it seems Fred was trying to convince her otherwise, as the two finally bonded and she admitted that she loved him in spite of his “weakness,” aka his Langston bloodline. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens next with her, though I suspect that whatever drama involving Henry arises will be enough to keep her in town for the immediate future.

That was about it, really, but it was a gripping episode throughout, thanks to the drama between Margaret and her family, and whether or not she’d “disappear” Jacob, not to mention the stormy backdrop and the arrival of James and his own accompanying drama. It was definitely a solid episode that satisfyingly brought one major plotline to an ending of sorts while paving the way for another. The question now becomes, how satisfactorily will they be able to wrap up this new storyline, with only a few episodes left to go? That remains to be seen, but consider my interest piqued by this new James character.

What did you think of the latest episode of “Resurrection”? Are you happy with the way the Margaret plotline was more or less resolved? Do you think there’s more to her story? Perhaps even more than she knows? Where does preacher James fit into all of this? Is he a good guy or a bad guy? Was he trying to save “Robert”- or kill him? What was the deal with the tree-shaped symbol that kept repeating throughout the episode? Sound off with your crazy theories below and see you next week!