CSI Season 15 Review “The Greater Good”

CSI The Greater Good Season 15 Episode 13 5

On the latest episode of “CSI,” we finally got an ending of sorts to the Gig Harbor Killer storyline- or did we? Given the open-ended nature of one of the main characters involved, I’m not so sure we’ve seen the last of the ongoing plotline. As it stands, though, this was a taut, suspenseful episode that tied up a lot of loose, dangling ends like some many human tissue-derived pieces of catgut used as crime scene evidence markers. (How’s that for a lovely mental image?)

In “The Greater Good,” DB and his daughter Maya (Brooke Nevin, “Perception”) decided to take matters into their own hands by staging an elaborate sting operation in which Maya was used as bait to the Gig Harbor Killer. At first, it seemed like Maya was doomed, as Shaw (Mark Valley, “Body of Proof”) called in a fake police report that caused her police protection to be called away, so that he could swoop in and ostensibly take Maya to the airport, as she was headed back to Seattle.

Of course, we know that Shaw was in cahoots with Paul Winthrop (Mark-Paul Gosselaar, “Franklin & Bash”), aka the Gig Harbor Killer, so that wasn’t good, but Maya, as it turns out, is no fool. Knowing full well that it was Crawford (Alimi Ballard, “Numb3ers”) who was supposed to escort her to the airport, she was cautious but wary, but went with him nonetheless. With good reason, as it turned out it was a bait-and-switch and that Maya was actually wired and being monitored all along by DB and company.

As one team followed at a discreet distance in a car, the rest sat back at the precinct, watching and listening as the events unfolded. However, it turns out that Shaw was no fool, either, as he pulled into a parking garage owned by Winthrop and ditched the car he and Maya were in- along with her wire. Leaving behind a tape recording of his talking about a mysterious girl he had a connection with, DB realized that Maya was no longer talking constantly to let him know she was okay and sent the car team in to stop the operation, but it was too late, as Shaw had switched cars with Maya and left the scene.

Thankfully, Maya was able to leave a few clues behind that helped the team relocate her, but as it turned out, she didn’t really need their help so much in the end. Arriving at the meeting place with Winthrop and his newly-released-from-jail twin brother Jared Briscoe (also Gosselaar), it turned out that Shaw’s hand had been forced, as they had his own daughter, Amy (Elise Luthman, “Beachwood Charter”) held captive and had blackmailed Shaw into bringing them Maya in exchange for her safety.

However, after successfully trading Maya for her, Shaw pulled a fast one and pulled out a second gun and shot Winthrop before choking out Briscoe to death with a crowbar, as the girls ran for safety. Winthrop was one step ahead of Shaw, too, and was wearing a bulletproof vest, so he attacked Shaw to avenge his brother’s death, only to be sucker-punched by a bravely returning Maya, who hit him repeatedly with the crowbar, knocking him out. Alas, Winthrop was able to shoot Shaw beforehand, which landed him in the hospital for his troubles, albeit safely, thanks to Maya.

The team showed up shortly thereafter, retrieving all concerned- except Winthrop, who crept off when Maya went for help from the team. That means, of course, that Winthrop is still out there, and now he’s even angrier, as Shaw’s killed his brother and Maya managed to get the best of him. As such, I imagine this isn’t the last we’ve heard from the Gig Harbor Killer for the season, though I do suspect the plotline will be wrapped up before the end.

All in all, it was a decent enough wrap-up. I liked how everything tied together, with it turning out that Shaw had an affair with the sister of one of the victims, a prostitute with ties to many of the cops and judges in town. Shaw and the woman had a child together, that child being Amy, of course, though her mother was found dead in the episode in her sister’s apartment, where it was made clear that her sister had been forced to help Winthrop with his icky catgut string shenanigans by holding said mother hostage. This was also how Winthrop had forced Shaw to do his bidding.

It was definitely an intricate plotline, with a lot going on, and I liked the resolution overall, even if the pay-off was a bit premature and quick. My main complaint was that they set up this nasty character, but we barely saw him throughout the episode, save a scene in which Winthrop told his brother he was getting him out early on, then in the big climax at the warehouse.

Granted, Winthrop got away, which almost certainly means he’ll be back, but I would have liked the episode more if he’d been a more constant presence throughout the episode. My feeling is that he will be the next time around, so I’m willing to let it slide in anticipation for the next iteration of the ongoing plotline. On the plus side, it was nice seeing how Maya refused to play the victim, even going so far as to go back into the warehouse to aid Shaw when she didn’t have to. She is definitely her father’s daughter, to be sure.

So, it was both a decent episode and a bit of a letdown, which is, I suppose, par for the course this season. As has been the case for some time on the show, it can be pretty hit-or-miss, but maybe the upcoming new spin-off, “CSI: Cyber” will help inject some life into the format. It’s hard to fault a show that’s been on as long as this one for occasionally seeming tired, but it is what it is, I suppose. When you’ve been on the air for fifteen seasons and counting, there’s bound to be some clunkers here and there, you know? This episode wasn’t a clunker, to be sure, but it was no “Miniature Killer,” either, if you know what I mean.

What did you think of the latest episode of “CSI”? Were you happy with the latest developments with the Gig Harbor Killer storyline? Or were you left wanting somewhat? Are you glad that Winthrop escaped? Do you think he’ll be back with a vengeance? What do you think he’ll do next? Will he go after Shaw first, or Maya? Make your predictions below in the comment section, and I’ll see you next time!