The Good Wife Season 6 Review “Hail Mary”

The Good Wife Hail Mary Season 6 Episode 11 04

The Good Wife is back, everybody! It’s been a long winter hiatus, and we had a huge cliffhanger with Cary pleading guilty in the final scene of “The Trial” way back in the end of November. Tonight’s episode, “Hail Mary”, picks up from that cliffhanger and also checks in on Alicia’s race for state’s attorney.

Before we get to the actual events of the episode, we need to address the big news that’s broken since the last episode aired. It’s very hard to watch this show in a complete vacuum, and ignore all of the behind-the-scenes gossip and contract negotiations that make news as well. The fact that Archie Panjabi has been confirmed to be leaving has been known for a while, but now we have another Good Wife alum that’s secured a job elsewhere. Mike Colter, AKA Lemond Bishop, has been cast as Luke Cage in the upcoming Netflix series Marvel’s AKA Jessica Jones, and he’ll have his own TV series airing after that! Who knows, the guy might even be popping up in one of the movies down the line. The point is, he’s going to be a very busy guy, and he probably won’t have as much time for this show. So this means that both he and Panjabi will need to be written out of this show, which gives us an idea as to how this storyline will end.

Anyway, let’s get to the actual episode itself. It started out by introducing us to Bill Kroft, played by The Wire actor Domenick Lombardozzi. Bill was a very fun addition to the show that I hope they can bring back in a future episode. It looks like they won’t need him for Cary any longer, but maybe Florrick Agos can hire him to consult on future clients that might be sent to prison. He had a great rapport with Cary, and it’d be a shame to see him fade away as a one-time guest star.

The titular hail mary referred to Kalinda trying to throw out Cary’s plea by proving that the prosecution knowingly prosecuted him for drug importing as opposed to exporting. I’m a little confused how this clue was dropped, though. So Kalinda talks to one of Bishop’s guys in prison, and he drops the little clue of “export” that helped launch the whole hail mary defense, and this is how they were able to get everything eventually overturned? So, why didn’t Bishop give them this clue from the very beginning? This isn’t blowing back on Bishop at all, and it would have got the very loyal and trustworthy Cary out of hot water where he’s most useful to Bishop, so why did we find out this way? It’s possible that Bishop prompted this guy into dropping this hint, but I doubt it. Whatever happened, I know that Bishop is still very much in play for the rest of the season. With Kalinda now on the chopping block, I wouldn’t be surprised if she took Bishop down with her so they could write both of them off with one fell swoop.

Even the stuff with Alicia’s campaign was great! I’ve been pretty vocal about how hot and cold this storyline has been for me, but tonight was definitely more on the hot spectrum. Everything here was great! So many highlights here that I don’t even know where to begin! Eli and Johnny yelling at each other, the Alicia/Peter debate, and Marissa finally being told that Alicia doesn’t like milk. Everything here was stupendous, and the debates were definitely the best part. Every one of her sparring partners brought a totally different perspective to the debate prep. The goofy Dr. Fluke played by Chris Elliott was a nice bit of comic relief, Finn Polmar showed up to add that weird flirtatious layer to the proceedings, and then Peter showed up and things got very real very fast. These two have shared some incredibly powerful scenes over the past few seasons, but this was another huge one. The line between husband and wife has been so blurred with these two for so long that it’s bound to hit a boiling point, and it looks like we’re almost to that point.

The episode ended with Cary’s emotional dismissal, but at the cost of Kalinda’s innocence. I’m not sure how soon the hammer will drop for Kalinda, but you know it will eventually. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments section below!

Random Thoughts:

– It was pretty ironic that the big break in the case came from Other Carey. He’s been nothing but a punchline and a nuisance for the whole season, but now he’s starting to redeem himself!

– What was up with Alicia kissing Johnny at the end there? We’ve been expecting a kiss between her and Finn for a while now, so I guess the writers are just messing with us by having her kiss a totally different person. So was this an actual romantic thing or was she just excited?

– Any reason why David Paymer was listed as a special guest star? I know they’ve loved Judge Cuesta on this show for a while but that was odd.