A to Z Episode 10 “J Is For Jan Vaughan”

A to Z episode 10 “J Is For Jan Vaughan” airs Thursday, January 1st at 9:30pm ET/PT on NBC.

Episode Synopsis: A to Z episode 10 “J Is For Jan Vaughan” – Zelda (Cristin Milioti) sets up Stu (Henry Zebrowski) with Jennifer (guest star Sarah Baker), a stenographer from her office who she feels would be perfect for him. To Andrew’s (Ben Feldman) surprise, everything is going seamlessly with Stu and Jennifer, with the exception of Stephie (Lenora Crichlow), who feels like the fifth wheel. Andrew seeks help from Lora (Hong Chau) to match Stephie with someone at Wallflower so she doesn’t feel left out. Also starring Christina Kirk, Parvesh Cheena and Katey Sagal as the Narrator.

Show Summary: This is the A-to-Z story of Andrew (Ben Feldman, “Mad Men”) and Zelda (Cristin Milioti, “How I Met Your Mother”) — a pair that almost wasn’t — and all that happened from the day they met. Andrew has always been a secret romantic … not above crooning to Celine Dion while driving to work, with dreams of finding “the one.” He imagines her to be just like that shimmering beauty he spotted that night in that silver dress at that concert two years ago. Zelda, having grown up with a hippie mom who believed the universe would provide for everything, rebelled into a no-nonsense practical lawyer who prefers the control of online dating. But when a computer glitch sends her a total mismatch, she’s asked to come in for an interview at the Internet dating site where Andrew works, and this is where it all begins. Andrew and Zelda meet for the first time and despite their differences, sparks fly. She thinks it’s chance. He thinks it’s fate. After all, he’s convinced she’s the shimmering girl in the silver dress. Is it true love forever or just a detour in destiny?

The cast also includes Henry Zebrowski, Lenora Crichlow and Christina Kirk.

Writer Ben Queen (“Drive”) serves as executive producer with Rashida Jones (“Parks and Recreation”) and Will McCormack (“Will & Grace”). “A to Z” is a production of Warner Bros. Television and Le Train Train.

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