‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 6: The Road So Far

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 10 Christmas Through Your Eyes 13

The first half of season 6 of the Vampire Diaries is looking alot like the first half of a New England Patriots game; glitchy, inconstant and frustrating. And don’t forget about the angry fans. Now on its midseason break, the CW series has given us a chance to reflect on our favorite characters and their storylines. Here’s a rundown of the good and the bad of Vampire Diaries thus far.

The Elena and Damon situation is old.

Does anyone else agree? I am as unsure about these two as Elena is of Damon in the first couple episodes of this season. Elena at her core is a good person while Damon is the exact opposite. And we all know the saying, “opposites attract.” But after all the hurt Damon has brought Elena and her family, it’s hard to realistically imagine that she would go back to him. I admit watching Damon try to woo her and win her back was great and refreshing to see, at first. But the on/off relationship between these two has grown old for me and the fact that Damon is to blame for Bonnie also makes it hard to like him. He’s best left as the villainous star of the show.

Damon’s evil could have come in handy however, when he told Aleric to end Kai. Unfortunately, Aleric being the nice guy doesn’t and Kai manages to absorb the Traveler’s Spell which makes him extremely powerful. Maybe Enzo’s mission to suck all of the happiness out of Damon’s life will do him some good in the end.

Bonnie stuck in a continuous loop, living the same day over and over again.

While Jeremy’s brooding and constant bad mood is jarring, its hard not to sympathize with him since Bonnie has been MIA for so long. She’s such an important part of the show that her absence is hard to ignore. Luckily, we get an old school Bonnie fix when the girls are back together in several Christmas flashback scenes in Mystic Falls. This is one long drawn out hiatus for Bonnie and the gang however. Let’s hope something actually happens for her when season 6 returns. Its starting to feel like a bad Tom Cruise movie.

Jeremy and Matt teaming up.

Jeremy and Matt working together to get rid of Enzo was great to see. They almost had him, but Kia seemed to have made their plan ineffective after he soaked up the town spell. Their clever team work with a knife, a bow and Matt’s fists brought some much needed action to the episode Christmas Through Your Eyes. Did I say Damon was evil? Kai took the cake in this episode when he put a cloaking spell on Elena before bashing her in the face with a tire iron. Geesh, talk about a bad Christmas!

What do you think of season 6 so far? Leave your comments below.