‘Doctor Who’ (Season 8): Every Christmas Is Last Christmas

Doctor Who Last Christmas

Santa Claus, tangerines and dream crabs.

This year’s annual Christmas episode of Doctor Who found The Doctor (series lead Peter Capaldi) and Clara Oswald (series lead Jenna Coleman) reunited on Christmas Eve by, of all people, Santa Claus (guest star Nick Frost).

But it wasn’t just Santa and his two rather-unhappy elves – Wolf (guest star Nathan McMullen) and Ian (guest star Dan Starkey, who viewers should also know as the one-and-only Strax) – along for the wild ride of ‘Last Christmas’.

The Doctor and Clara traveled to the North Pole where a team of scientists (guest stars Faye Marsay, Natalie Gumede, Maureen Beattie and Michael Troughton) were dealing with four of their team members, who were attacked by an alien creature called a dream crab. It would seem these dangerous crabs clasp onto the faces of their victims, using their claws to extract the very life out of them. Yes, it’s as ugly as it sounds!

As it turns out, it would seem that they are all in a dream state because of these crabs, everything from the opening scene of Clara waking up in a house (for which we don’t recognize, I might add), hearing a loud noise on the roof – that turns out to be Santa and his elves – through the visit to the Northpole, Clara’s dream of spending Christmas Day with Danny Pink (recurring guest star Samuel Anderson), The Doctor attempting to save Clara’s life only to find out it has been over 60 years since they last saw each other and the sleigh ride with Santa and the remaining “scientists” from the Northpole as they try to finally escape from the overlapping dreams caused by the crabs.

In comparison to the other Christmas episodes of the long-running classic, “Last Christmas” may or may not have met up to fans’ expectations – that will be your call, readers – but there were at the very least some tender moments between Danny and Clara and the final scene of The Doctor and Clara racing off to the TARDIS together to further continue their adventures.

What did you think of this year’s Christmas episode? Was it what you had hoped? Please share your thoughts below.

‘Doctor Who’ will be back on BBC America sometime next year with new episodes from its 9th season, but an official airdate has yet to be announced.