The Comeback Season 2 Finale 2014 “Valerie Gets What She Really Wants”

The Comeback Season 2 Finale 2014 “Valerie Gets What She Really Wants” (episode 80 airs Sunday December 28th at 10 pm ET/PT.

Episode Synopsis: “Valerie Gets What She Really Wants” – It’s Emmy® weekend and Valerie (Lisa Kudrow) is getting her first real taste of success, thanks to her popular performance in “Seeing Red.” At Juna’s big Hollywood party, Valerie turns a few heads, including that of her hunky former “Room and Bored” costar, who is now a big action film movie star – Chris MacNess. And Valerie wonders if her husband, Mark (Damian Young), despite all their differences, will be there with her on the biggest night of her life.

Show Summary: “Valerie Is Brought to Her Knees” TV star Valerie Cherish was a pioneer of reality television. Now, it’s ten years later – there’s more TV than ever and she wants back in.
Lisa Kudrow (Emmy® winner for “Friends”) stars as the embattled Valerie Cherish, a fading TV “It Girl” who was once so desperate to stay in the spotlight that she allowed cameras to follow her every move as she appeared on a new sitcom, with disastrous results.
When the comedy series THE COMEBACK returns for eight episodes, Valerie thinks she has it all figured out this time. She doesn’t.

Valerie has hired a student film crew to shoot footage that she hopes will get the attention of Bravo, and put her back on the map. When she discovers her former nemesis Paulie G. (Lance Barber), who’s fresh out of rehab, has a new HBO show called “Seeing Red,” based on his experiences working with her, an irate Valerie crashes the HBO offices crying defamation – but ends up getting the role that’s based on herself.
The show was created by Michael Patrick King (Emmy® winner for HBO’s “Sex and the City”) and Lisa Kudrow, who serve as executive producers along with Dan Bucatinsky (Emmy® winner for “Scandal”). In addition to Kudrow, cast regulars include Lance Barber as Paulie G., Robert Michael Morris as Mickey, Laura Silverman as Jane and Damian Young as Mark Berman.

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